50th Anniversary

On the 31. May we were 50 years in Australia.  We, that’s my wife and two daughters.  Later we had two more children, a son and another daughter.

So, the family has grown.  When the whole family comes together we  are more than 20 persons.

We have never regretted coming here.  We chose the fifth continent in favour of old Germany. That’s was that.  In the aftermath of WWII we wanted something else than Germany was offering us. The economic miracle was just taking off. And so were we.

We found Australia  a strange country. In some way is was behind and that was attractive to us. It has some old fashioned charm. The people were much friendlier than in Germany

 Cars stopped for us  when we wanted to cross the road with the pram. That did not happen in Germany.  People saw children as  pest and their parents criminals.

Australia wanted children. Here we felt welcome in Germany rejected.

So, Australia is the best country in the world? I don’t think there is such a country, the best. It is good for us. That is all that matters. I think it is still behind, especially behind Europe. But it does not matter to us. Here the people are more laid back. Here anyone can live in his own fashion.


One thought on “50th Anniversary

  1. People being very friendly in Australia, this is my experience too as an immigrant to Australia. And the school-system seems to me still somewhat more egalitarian than the one in Germany.

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