The Joys and Tribulation of the Internet and Blogging

The world has changed. I’m not sure about the exact time when it happened. It is hard to pinpoint this historical event. Was it when “WWW” became the new idea of the electronic computer? Or did it have it origin when the first programmable computer was build by Konrad Zuse in Berlin-Kreuzberg in 1941?

IBM took up the idea in 1946 and we haven’t looked back since. Now, I can’t do without my PC and my Blog. My wife thought the PC was only for playing Free Cell. Once her niece gave her the idea and I showed her the ropes, she took to it like the proverbial duck to water. She is blogging now, full steam from early in the morning till late at night. She has a readership that spans the globe and has left me for dead in the numbers of publications. Has anybody given blogging as a reason for divorce? Just kidding.

When blogging, we are opening our minds to the world and let other people take part in our thinking processes. But haven’t writers done this all through the ages? They have been ridiculed and revered for what they had to say. Charles Dickens, whose 200th birthday was yesterday, probably would be a blogger now. Or, what about Tolstoy? He could blog to his heart’s content and reach millions of people espousing his ideas how the people of the world should behave and function. In his time the Russian peasants were mostly illiterate. Today the Russians are the masters of the cyber world. What an audience he could have! Perhaps Putin would put him in jail for being subversive. The celebrity he was, that would make a splash around the world.

What about Shakespeare? Would he be a blogger? To be a blogger or not to be a blogger, that would not be a question for him today. Of course he would be a blogger. Weren’t his plays about the ideas he had about people and events? The audience was very much involved at the theatre. Alas, they were all born too early to be bloggers. But other people blog about them and so, their ideas are kept alive.

Most writers were copious letter writers; but person to person only. The letters were carried by Post and now the written word is carried by the internet via the oceans and by satellites to many people at the same time. Only the kind of transmission has changed, not the writing. When Humboldt wrote to Schiller we had to wait a long time to share their thoughts. Now we can take part in the conversation of various people almost instantly and not wait fifty or hundred years.

The Internet and the blogging demand our full attention. We have become addicts. We communicate with hundreds of people, taking in words and spitting them out again in a new combination. When my grandfather was seventy and retired he was sitting at the kitchen table for long hours of the day and did crossword puzzles. He raked his brain for words and I rake my brain for words. He tried to fit those words into a pattern. I try to fit them into a pattern that looks like a readable sentence. Granddad only wanted to see whether his brain could remember. I try to say something that makes sense.

Does it? You be the judge.


2 thoughts on “The Joys and Tribulation of the Internet and Blogging

  1. Greetings Berlioz!

    It sure does make sense. That is so true how communication has expanded. To potentially reach many people an in instant vs. writing a letter to an individual. It boggles the mind.
    I sometimes imagine how the world would be if the intricate web of satellites and phones and computers suddenly became disabled. You and I have become voluntarily dependent on them, but we also know how it once was without them. There are generations now that do not have that perspective and I wonder how they would fare in such a scenario…
    I am relatively new to blogworld and I am quite addicted to it. I love the excitement of putting together a post and honing it to my idea of perfection. Equally exciting is finding a treasure of writing such as yours to savor and ponder and enjoy. Thank you for sharing! It appears our worlds have collided 🙂
    Have a great day!


  2. Thanks, John, for looking me up. Isn’t it great what the Internet does for us. You are calling it “colliding” I would call it “meeting” in cyberspace. This is something we wouldn’t have dreamt about only a few years ago. When we read other people’s blogs we are getting new insides but also the assurance that we are all part of the human lot. Only the environment we were born in makes the difference. Layers of memory have been laid down in our early years that make us the people we are today. Traditions, like religions, food, music, dresses, public holidays etc, have a great hold on us and seem to make us different. In the end we are not so different and this we can learn by communicating with each other. Indeed, those difference can enrich and not divide us.
    Welcome to “my” world.

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