Officially still Summer – but it feels like Winter !

It is early in the morning. But it feels like night, because we still have summer time and wait eagerly to put our clocks back. The sun has decided a few weeks ago that is time to sleep in. But someone in our bureaucratic hierarchy has decided otherwise. Who and how do they make such a decision? They disturb our natural sleep rhythms and couldn’t give a hoot how we feel: miserable!

At least the cooler weather is a great help for my running. I don’t have to stumble out of bed to hit the road. Because it is not getting hot any more, I can choose the time of the day that suits me best. Luckily my running is improving after more than a year of limping about. The knee has calmed down and is not creaking any more. Discomfort? Yes. but this is all. I’m up to 5k now and hope to increase my distance steadily soon.


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