Summer’s End

Today is one of those late Summer days one hopes they never end. The sun is doing its best to make us forget the last rainy weeks. We went to the beach to walk in the water. March water is the warmest. There were some surfers at the patrolled beach, but not many. But from there the beach stretches for miles.

Windang Beach

Port Kembla and Windang Beach are just one of many beaches in our beautiful Illawarra. The escarpment is shimmering bluish in the distance through the haze.

Tonight we will put our clocks back for one hour. Adieu, Summer – one extra hour of sleep tomorrow and we are heading for winter. What they call winter here.


3 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. I love Port Kembla Beach on a day like today. Such mild weather with sunshine and hardly any breeze. Just perfect! When we come back from Melbourne after Easter it’s probably not going to be this warm any more. As you say, we are heading for winter.
    I am glad that we finally go back to normal time. From now on it’s going to be light one hour earlier in our part of the woods.And it’s going to be dark one hour earlier too. That definitely means, summer is gone and with it daylight saving time.

  2. What a beautiful place you live, and great photos! Your pending end of summer and the blossoming cherry trees on this side of the equator signal an end to our unusually cold, wet and dark winter. Hooray! It is still around 4C when I wake but the days here have increased to 13 hours long and the gradual warming has begun. In June when summer is official our days are 16 hours in length and our temperatures rise to a comfortable level. Our ocean waters here climb to around 13C in summer…

  3. Isn’t it great that our Earth, on its journey around the Sun, creates the different seasons that makes life on it possible. Life would be totally different with out the seasons.

    I noticed you mentioned Hawaii in a response to another block.

    We know very little about Hawaii, but seeing recently the film “The Descendants” I had to buy the book of the same title. It was written by a local and gives a good account of life there.

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