Easter 2012 Pt.1

Moss Vale Interlude.

This year, 2012, the birthday of our son in Melbourne and Easter fell on the same day.  It was a good opportunity to go and see some of our family down south.

This time we took the train. We did not like to mix with other wild drivers on the Express Way. The Railway Bus took us to Moss Vale, a small town in Southern Highlands of NSW.

Easter, off course, is a Spring holiday, but here in the Southern Hemisphere Autumn has settle in.

And so it was in Moss Vale.
On arrival we had breakfast at a the cafe we like to frequent at Moss Vale.

Back at the station

a gardener was busy in the little garden.

The old signal box is not being used any more.

A diesel train is pulling in on the way to Sydney. But this is not were we are heading. Our train arrived a little while later and we were on our way to Melbourne.


One thought on “Easter 2012 Pt.1

  1. It was good we had a bit of time in Moss Vale before our train from Sydney arrived to take us to Melbourne. The little garden belongs to the station and is always well looked after. The main street close by, which is the highway going from Sydney to Melbourne, has quite a few shops. Lots of tourists stop there for a little break for refreshments in a beautiful country setting. There are many European trees along the road, planted by settlers a long time ago. Being autumn now in our part of the world, many of these trees had very colourful leaves.

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