Easter 2012 – Pt 3

Easter Saturday was a rather quiet day. Martin was busy and we used the time to make a cake for his birthday the next day.

The Birthday Cake

Next day, on Easter Sunday we had a long drive to Warburton, over 80km away North East from Melbourne. The first half of the trip took us through the suburbs and there is not much to talk about. But ones out of the suburbs the road becomes quite scenic and climbs up steadily towards the Yarra Ranges National Park and Mount Donna Buang. We departed early enough to incorporate a coffee break. Sure enough we found a beautiful spot off the main road with a French sounding name.

Mont De Lancey

Our vision of fresh croissants and coffee was soon crushed as we were told it was their last day of business and they would close for ever. 😦
Many of their furniture and decorations had been removed with the coffee machine. A well, scones with cream and jam was still on offer. We chose percolated coffee instead of the obligatory English tea.

Visitor Centre and Cafe

The bare essentials

We had a good conversation with Christine, the proprietress, about travel in Europe in general and Berlin in particular. Finally the scones arrived.

Scones, cream,plum jam and coffee

I'm tucking into them

After the coffee we wandered around a bit.

The Chapel

It was a beautiful spot and we were sad that they would close down. But there is hope that there would be another cafe in the future and we decided to check it out next time we are in the area. We took off and headed for Warburton.


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