There is a God

We were supposed to go to Sydney today to see a play at the Belvoir Street Theatre. The play is Every Breath and the reviews were so bad that we were praying for divine intervention. But when you have a subscription you feel bad not going. One is masochist enough to sit through an unloved performance. We love the Belvoir and feel sorry if they have a bad play. It feels like an own goal kicked by your beloved soccer team.

Yesterday, thanks to Face Book, we were notified that some cast members were ill. Perhaps there is a God? We intensified our prayers sending out more bad vibes. Just as we got ready today we got another message via FB that the matinee has been cancelled. We will get a credit for the missed performance. We were saved by divine intervention.

Perhaps it was Thalia herself who could not stand the play any more.

Now we are praying for the speedy recovery of the ill cast member or members. We are so sorry it happened like that and we are looking forward to our next visit to the Belvoir on the 16 May, on my birthday.


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