Easter 2012 – Pt.4

After our not so French coffee break we continued our drive up the mountain road. Thanks to GPS, installed in the car, we were always sure where we were and where we were heading. Martin had no trouble finding the place we wanted to go to, while Uta and I enjoyed the scenery. Suddenly we were stopping at the drive way

The Drive way

We could hardly see the house for the trees. Somewhere up the hill it must be, we thought.

Living in the Bush

Somehow we found a way up there and sure enough the reception committee was waiting for us.

We hadn’t seen our Grandson and his young family since the Christmas holidays and they had moved to a new location. There are still a lot of things to do for Tristan and he looks like a pioneer of time long gone. Still, he found the time to read his girls a story and they were listening very intently.

The modern day pioneer

The two girls Kianga and Jakira will grow up differently from other girls in suburbia, that is for sure. They will be more involved in real life, learning how to grow things and milking the goat.

Kianga Arachme and Jakira Achillea

The adults are resting the children are busy

"Jaki" throwing grass at her Great-Granddad

And the goat is looking on.

The girls were always active never settling down. So much to do !

Helping Mum putting together the new blackboard

Helping Dad

Drawing on the new blackboard

Only the goats need a rest

After watching all these activities by the girls we grown-ups needed some refreshments. The birthday cake came out, the sparklers were lit and the cake was cut by Granddad.

He will never be as young again.

The girls had fun and even their Granddad was happy the way things turned out. It is not often that his birthday and Easter Sunday fall on the same day. We were four generations together – and this is something to ponder about. I never knew any of my Great-Grandparents. Seeing my great-grand children in this beautiful part of the world was something really great – for which I’m thankful.


3 thoughts on “Easter 2012 – Pt.4

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  2. ‘ . . . . he looks like a pioneer of time long gone’
    He does, doesn’t he? Tris and Steph and the girls look like a family who truly enjoy life! It was great being able to visit them.

  3. Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:
    I just had another look at Peter’s post about Easter Sunday, the 8th of April 2012, which happened to be our son Martin’s birthday. I just loved looking at all the pictures again. Reblogging it on auntyuta gives me the opportunity to share it with my blogger friends. I think the pictures are very lovely! 🙂

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