Easter 2012 – Pt 5

All good things come to an end. We had a beautiful day but wanted to end on a high note. Not far from Warburton in the Yarra Ranges National Park is the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail.
Tristan was keen to show us this beautiful nature spot.

Three generations

It wasn’t far and soon we were up there.

Father and Son

It was so beautiful that Uta could not be stopped. She felt invigorated by the fresh air that we had trouble keeping up with her. That’s her in the distance.

Uta is disappearing

The trail is along an old disused aquaduct. Tall Mountain Ashes and Tree Ferns abound.

The Mountain Ash reaches to the sky

After we walked for a while we saw deer tracks from one side of the track and disappearing on the other in the bush.

A sign of life in the bush

The sun was setting behind Mount Donna Buang and it was time to say “Good Bye” to Tristan. Uta received a final hug from Tristan and Martin drove us back to Essendon. We had an outstanding Easter Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Easter 2012 – Pt 5

    • I can only agree. I think we should go there for a longer time, perhaps a week and a little bit of exploration. and running, of course.

  1. Not so much running for me but some more walking in this refreshing mountain air. Yes, we should go there for a week or so. I’d love this’!

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