1 May 2012

Early in the morning we heard a song about the Hampden Bridge and we thought why not go there today? It seems to be the right thing to do. First of May is not a holiday in Australia. But what the heck, our life is a constant holiday and we can go to the Kangaroo Valley, that is where the bridge is, any time we want.

So off we went. The Illawarra is a beautiful part of NSW and we are proud to live here.

On the way to the valley we pass other beautiful parts.

Gerroa and Seven Mile Beach

The Highway

We stopped for a snack at Berry, another gem on the South Coast.

A Pub

Traditional Shops

And on we went on the road to Kangaroo Valley

The high winds played with the clouds and we were seeing the same cloud changing shapes for hours.

Our little car climbed up the mountain road.

The cloud changed its shape again.

A dog running in the sky?

We stopped at a heavenly gate but did not dare to enter.

Is this the Pearly Gate?

Up and up we went. We past a completely self-service roadside stall. But there was nothing we fancied.

After we went over the crest and came out of the woods the vista opened and the valley was right in front of us. What a beauty!

Kangaroo Valley

Down the hill and not long after we reached our destination.

Hampden Bridge - Kangaroo Valley - NSW

View from the bridge to an embryonic Shoalhaven River

There was the fancy cloud again

The River

The bridge from down below

From here on the river is gathering strength on it’s way to the Pacific. And we are soon heading home too. I will write another blog, especially about our second stop at Berry.

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