My Life

What is my life?

It is the time span from my birth to my once unimaginable death. It is the short span, a flicker really,  of universal time, when we are being used by the Universe to be aware of itself. Why is the Universe so vain? Why does it need to know that it exists?

And what if an individual does not have the knowledge to appreciate his function in the scheme of things. E.F. Schumacher argues that there are four “Fields of Knowledge” and if we are not at home in all four of them we are not even able to comprehend the world around us. So, a lot of lives are wasted. Or?

Isn’t knowledge itself wasted when we die? Others will carry on where we have left off. Our knowledge has become their knowledge. Sometimes I wonder whether this is indeed so. But the world is not ending when we are gone. She muddles through, as she always does.

We had a sudden death in our family recently. It rattled us in our emotional foundations. The younger generations are not used to such events. I wonder how they feel about it. They haven’t said anything yet. Of course their  grief was obvious, but it must have altered their perception of what life is all about. The time will come when we can talk about it.

For me personally it provided more certainty that I’m heading for eternity. Life takes its course and in the end I will go back into the ocean of eternity – in fact really were I came from.




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