Nine Days From Now

In nine days from now we are flying to Berlin. We are staying for over two months in Germany, mainly in Berlin where we have rented a holiday apartment.

Considering our age,  I would say it is our last trip to the old homeland. So, it will be an undertaking with  a heavy heart. I love Berlin, as one would love his mother. I also love Australia as one would love his chosen bride. There is no conflict between those two loves.

We came here to provide a better future for our children. What ever that means, “a better future”? We came with two children, added two  and now have  three left after the recent loss of our eldest daughter Gaby.

On the way to Australia 1959

And here we are on our anniversary in 2006.

What will we find in Berlin? No real surprises, I suppose. After having lived in Australia for over fifty years we are seeing Berlin in a different light from when we still lived there. Berliners can’t see what is so special about their city. It is such a dynamic place. Tucholsky knew Berlin well. The Berliner is a restless human, always on the go (keine Zeit, keine Zeit). Fontane and Tucholsky knew, and described, Berlin well. Such outstanding persons are missing today.  Visitors, especially the young ones, pick up on the   prevailing spirit and they love it. The official media is stumm about it. Just as well, as on some weekends Berlin has two million visitors (Easter and Pentecost). And now we will add to it. If nothing else, Berlin is the city of public transport. You can always use different means to get to where you want to go.

They always talk about the “Big Red” bus of London. What abpout the “Big Yellow” one in Berlin?

When in Berlin take the “Bus 100” for a sightseeing trip at normal fares. But don’t forget to climb to the top and sit in the front row. It will blow you away.

We will enjoy our stay in Berlin, I’m sure of that. There will be a tinge of sadness creeping in, though, because it could be the last time. Our age is becoming a limiting factor in our lives. But for now it is:
Berlin here we come


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