At the Former East-West Border Part 1

Yesterday my wife showed some travel fatigue and was saying it was time we would heading home to Australia again. I thought it was time for an outing. The city of Berlin is surrounded by beautiful forests, rivers and lakes like no other city.

The River Havel

Just take the electric train ( S-Bahn ) and or a bus and head out in any direction. We were heading West to Glienicker Brücke.

Glienicker Brücke forms the border between Berlin and the city of Potsdam and was formerly the border between the two power blocks during the Cold War. Here, as you may have seen in movies or documentaries prisoners or spies were exchanged between the super powers.

Glienicker Brücke as seen from former West-Berlin

The East-Germans called the bridge the “Bridge of Unity”. It was anything but.

This marks the old border between the power blocks

We strolled across the bridge, made famous in the German film “Under the Bridges”. It was the last film made during the war in 1945. Now tourists came on foot, as we did, or by sightseeing buses.

On the other side Potsdam awaits us. It is the capital of the State of Brandenburg. Potsdam is worth a visit on its own. And we will probably do it later on.

My wife Uta felt she needed a cup of coffee. I encouraged her to walk a little bit more and we would find something. And we did. An old petrol station converted into a French Café, very suitably named “GARAGE du PONT”.

What a cool French place, with some old timer cars in front of it. We definitely saved ourselves a trip to France.

French cars out of a French Gangster movie from the fifties

Inside awaited us an impressive decor and some beautiful cakes.

Of course, we couldn’t resist the the apple and the cheese cake. We felt like “dear God in France”, as the German saying goes. We ordered a grappa for me and an amaretto for Uta too. And this is how it all looked.


After a while, refreshed and in a jovial mood, we headed back to Berlin again. The paradox of the situation was, that geographically we went East, but politically it would have been West 23 years ago. Autumn has arrived and the leaves on the trees are starting to change their colours.

Back on the other side on can see Potsdam in the distance across Stölpchensee.


11 thoughts on “At the Former East-West Border Part 1

    • When the wall fell it was the happiest day of my life. It was achieved by the pure will power of an united people. They just blew away a nasty obstacle. I wish more like that would happen in the world.

  1. I’ve been meaning to visit Klein Glienicke since I saw an article on the BBC website about the village encircled by the Wall and the effect this had on its inhabitants.

    • Thanks, Astrid, for visiting my Blog too. The best way to visit is by taking the Bus 316 from S-Bahnhof Wannsee. You can go either to the terminal on the other side of Glienicker Brücke, don’t forget to buy the ticket for the Tarifbereich”C”, or get off just before the bridge and walk across this historic icon and then another 100 meter to the right there is the old service station. You can’t miss it. Voila.

  2. Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:
    This was posted by Berlioz in October 2012. In October 2014 it is going to be 25 years since the wall came down! And more than 50 years since it had been built! . . . . I remember this day well when we went for an excursion to Glienicker Brücke and to GARAGE DU PONT which is just across the Potsdam.

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