At the Former East-West Border Part 2

When you walk back from Potsdam you are greeted by the Schinkel designed Chateau Glienicke. We did not visit it but could gleem a lot from the outside.

The Lion-Fountain

The entrance to the Chateau

Another view of the entrance

From all this we were tired. Soon our bus arrived and we took it back to Wannsee station.

Entrance to Wannsee Station

After a quick train trip we were home again in our Tiergarten district and our multi story apartment building was greeting us through the autumn leaves.


8 thoughts on “At the Former East-West Border Part 2

    • I’m happy to share with other people around the world. This is the beauty of the new world and its technology. Berlin is a very well ordered city with a very good transport system. But ask a Berliner and they will tell you all is in shambles. But they have not seen the trains in Mumbai with the people sitting on the roofs of the carriages. On the last picture you can spot a wooden barrier left there by workers. The work has been interrupted for one reason or other. Noe Berliner grumble. Still it is nice to be here and connect with the past.

      • one of my american friends used to complain about law and order in america, now she has realized its heaven in comparison to so many countries!

      • It all depends too were in the USA one lives. Law and order is a big thing for the middle classes there.

        A cousin of mine, who lives in Florida, told me during a hurricane they have to evacuate their building and as they leave others enter the building to loot. Now security guards are being employed. That makes me wonder, how those guards have to stay during the hurricane and protect other people’s property and not their own lives.

      • this is what i will call shameless opportunist! those guards might have to pay with their lives for the greed of these people.

        simply horrid!

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