New Years Resolutions

It is the time of the year again when people make New Years Resolutions. Some people do this, because they assume there is something wrong with themselves and the way they run their lives. Something has to change and what better time when you kiss the old year “Good-bye” and start the new year with, as they assume, a clean sheet.

There might be a new calendar that looks enticingly clean. But what about the person who is making the resolution? Has he or she got a clean sheet? They are still the same procrastinating people they were all their lives.

They say hope is eternal and so people are making new resolutions year after year with the same result. Nothing changes and the resolutions melt away like snowflakes falling on a hot plate.

I’m not making any New Year Resolution – never have. Partly, because I think I would not be able to stick to them and partly because things do never play out the way one thinks they should. It is hopeless, really. Life is a random affair and the only hope one has, is that one is able to cope in the onslaught of life’s events.

I had a discussion with my wife this morning about it too. She showed me some prayers some one had sent to her. She thinks prayers help in working towards a goal. They would give the power to pursue ones goals, with God’s help, of course, after you asked him.

I pointed out to her, that Jesus told his followers that you don’t need to ask God for anything, as he already knows what you need. If you have the goal to quit smoking I assure you, he won’t help you. You have to overcome the devil nicotine yourself.

If your resolution is to simplify your life and to relax more, and taking life not so serious any more that, in itself, seems to be a worthwhile goal or New Years Resolution. But your own temperament and character could be an obstacle. Can you change? That is the question. People who have trouble relaxing and are unable to let go of a task or issue are probably perfectionists and keep on doing things that prevent them from relaxing. It will do them no good making “relaxing” their New Years Resolution. And dare I say to my wife, praying won’t help either.

Years ago I wanted to be a perfectionist. After multiple failures I realised, that I had no talent or aptitude to be one. At least when you are rich and can order others to be perfectionists for you, this is a different matter. You can pay for your New Years Resolution.

While my wife and I discussed the “power of prayer” we were sitting in our back yard and were indeed relaxing. Our back yard is not your typical English Park nor is it a Baroque French garden but it is more the wilderness taking over from the other side of the fence. It’s pure nature, but somewhat restrained by our intervention here and there. It is a compromise between what we like and what we can bear.

The perfectionist who asks for order in all things, will just declare, we are plain lazy. But we are not and the indicator of that is, that we are never bored and are always active somehow. The hours of the day are not enough and when my final day arrives I will probably say, “The ride was much too short.”

I haven’t got to that yet and decided, this year, as every year, my New Years Resolution is not to make a New Years Resolution.


9 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. I think your garden sounds lovely 🙂 Have seen a few pictures of it and I remember thinking it was exactly my kind of garden.
    I’m tickled to think of you and Aunty Uta discussing the power of prayer, relaxing in garden chairs. I wonder if you tried to convince her otherwise 😉
    Good post. I don;t make resolutions either.

    • No, Munira, I won’t even try “to convince her otherwise”. We are “children of the enlightenment” and tolerate and support each other in our differences.

      I follow Deepak Chopra on Face Book and today he was discussing prayer as someone asked him “how is a prayer answered”. Well he gave an answer about the universe always will have an response to our intentions etc.

      I could not help myself and made a comment:

      Our prayers are never ever answered. It is an illusion. Sometimes the intentions of our prayers are in unison with the reality and we believe our prayers have been heard. Prayers are wishful thinking. The best they can achieve is calm our nerves and minds. They are a form of meditation and this is not a bad thing at all.

      • My father was a big fan of Deepak Chopra, not sure about current status though. Needless to say, he is a also a praying man… odd combination of logic and devotion he is, and the two sides are always at war with each other.
        Your comment pretty much nails it I think. It cuts through the bullshit (pardon my french) yet allows the solace our beliefs afford. I feel like scribbling this down on a piece of paper and leaving it on my fathers prayer mat 🙂

  2. ” an odd combination of logic and devotion he is, and the two sides are always at war with each other.”

    This makes your father an interesting man. In the end, nothing is assured and we are a mixture of logic and feelings. Any other and we become fundamentalists. Faust is like that and exclaims that he has two hearts in his chest. Very interesting this inner struggle.

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