Rainy Interlude

It is raining. A middle aged couple have arrived by bus. They are seeking protection under a shop awning while discussing what to do next.


Betty (shaking off rain drops and running, holding her hand over her wet hair)

Did you bring the brolly?


Jack (looking to the sky and pulling faces)

Did you?


Betty I forgot!


Jack I didn’t so much as forget, I thought it wouldn’t be necessary.


Betty (starting to look serious)

One should always be prepared!


Jack (looking straight at Betty)

I was prepared – for sunshine!


Betty You consciously made the wrong decision? Is that what you are saying?


A teenage girl is running from the rain and joins them under the awning. She is talking into her mobile but can not be understood. She is walking up and down and then stops in front of the timetable displayed in a shop window.


Jack (observing the girl) I was considering the odds – fifty, fifty – I thought.


Betty You never did well on the horses. If we had all the money you fed the horses with, we would not need to stand here in the rain. We could hail for a taxi.


Jack At least I made a decision. You forgot – that is thoughtless in my book.


Betty And you gambled and you lost! On top of it, we are getting drenched.


Jack No, we won’t. Look over there – there is a rainbow. It means, the rain will stop soon.


Betty And at the end of it, there is a pot of gold (starts to chuckle).


The girl starts walking into their direction and she is getting louder and can be heard now.


Teenager No, no – I’m not at the party yet….What?… The racket?…Ah, there is an old couple here at the bus stop. They lost a bet and now they don’t have the money for the taxi…

(she walks away from them and can’t be heard any more)


Jack Look what you have done. People think we are nutty.


Betty You are the nutty one. (She pauses for a moment, looking at the sky)

Look it stopped raining!

She takes his arm and they start walking. Both are smiling, happy to be together.


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