Habemus Papam

We have a new Pope. As a non-Catholic I could say, “So what?” But I don’t say it.

They can have their Pope and they can choose him anyway they want. For historical reasons I’m not a friend of the Roman Catholic Church. But I dislike those people even more, mostly non-Catholic, who want to tell the Church of Rome what to do and what not to do. By implication we make the Roman Catholic Church more important than any other religious institution on Earth. Is it a numbers game or do they really have a telephone wire to the Almighty?

We all seem to have a say in their affairs. Why is that so? The church is a club run according to their rules and we have the nerve to tell them what to do. Their ideas of sex, abortion and birth-control irk us very much. Do we feel the Pope is ruling our lives? It is similar with the American President. He “rules” over us, but we can’t take part in his or (soon) her election.

Some commentators say he has to come “to grips” with certain issues. Doesn’t that mean he has to come around to our way of thinking? Why don’t those commentators come to grips with reality? The Roman Catholic Church does not have to follow public opinion. It is not a political organisation. But it acts like one very often. It is also a lobbyist who knocks on the doors of governments.

Some people now want a female Pope. We tell the Roman Catholic Church to be modern and join the 21st Century. What insolence! Pope Benedict said if you don’t like the rules leave the church. I think that is good advice. An organisation with tough rules is a strong and healthy one. One knows what it stands for. One doesn’t need a church to pray for guidance.

Perhaps all churches could concentrate more on pastoral services and help their parishioners to get through life better.


5 thoughts on “Habemus Papam

  1. “Perhaps all churches could concentrate more on pastoral services and help their parishioners to get through life better.”
    I very much agree with your last sentence!

  2. I have heard more criticism. They say they (presumably the cardinals) were only half as brave as they could have been. The people on St Peter’s Square seemed happy enough. Why can’t the commentators leave it as that?

  3. Hi Sir!
    I have started reading your posts on your blog & am following it to come back & read more. I am most German in nationality & some French. I do love the posts & think they are quite informative, too.
    Hope you will visit my blog at lynnsblogs.wordpress.com checking on all my posts since I am new on here & writing along with visiting others’ posts as well.

    • Your are welcome and call me Peter.

      I like writing my blog and if you should look around you will find various items you may find interesting. I noticed that most readers like my stories, fiction or otherwise, that deal with the past. Peter

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