The Illawarra


We had to pick up a hire-car with which we will travel to Victoria tomorrow. We had to take the train into Wollongong and then we wanted to drive around a bit to familiarize ourselves with the car. Somewhere in the distance is our destination.


At Wollongong we saw a seagull ( was it Jonathan?) doing a bit of train spotting.


After we picked up the car we drove to Austinmer.


Here we met a friendly tourist from smog filled Shanghai. Here, she said, she can breath fresh air. “Very happy in Australia !”, she said. I had no trouble believing her.


And this is the view she and Aunty Uta were enjoying. Water to the horizon with ships waiting off-shore to be admitted into Port Kembla Harbour.


From there we went to Bald Hill a geographical feature on our coast line and the northern end of the Illawarra. From there we had this spectacular view.


On the way home we stopped for a spot of lunch at another of our famous beauty spots, “The Cliffhanger” at Bulli Tops. Here too, we had lots of opportunities to take some snaps.




Uta was busy taking pictures, too.


There was an old tree which has seen storms and fire.


But then there was the bush road that showed us the way home.


We had a beautiful day together, as we usually do, and we are now looking forward to our long drive through the outback of NSW.


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