Melbourne by Night

We were in Melbourne last week and one evening we met up with two of our Granddaughters. Melbourne is a very metropolitan city and usually makes it every year into the top of the list of the most liveable cities in the world.

In the night-time it looks like this.

View across the Yarra towards the platforms at Flinders Street Station.

View across the Yarra towards the platforms at Flinders Street Station.

A spectacular view.

A spectacular view.

People are out and about even at this time of the evening. It was already getting cold, A pleasure boat rested after a day’s work.

Tied up at the South Bank

Tied up at the South Bank

Walking around we found this intriguing tunnel under a bridge.

A good place for "Jack the Ripper" to hide aND WAIT.

A good place for “Jack the Ripper” to hide and wait.

But we were “saved” by a staircase.


When I reached the top, I found my two beautiful Granddaughters waiting for me.

Lauren and Justine

Lauren and Justine

The pulsating city had us back and plenty of people were heading somewhere in the city.

The famous pub Young & Jackson

The famous pub Young & Jackson

It looked like this earlier in the evening .

Young & Jackson

Young & Jackson

Colourful trams were chasing each other along busy St. Kilda Road


But we took the train home to Essendon where our son Martin would pick us up from the station.



8 thoughts on “Melbourne by Night

  1. Melbourne by night is quite exciting and your pictures show it. I very much enjoyed this night out with the two granddaughters. Thanks for publishing these photos, Berlioz!

  2. Thank you, Auntyuta. It was really good to spend some time with the two youngsters. I like Melbourne much more than Sydney. Sydney has the spectacular harbour, nothing else.

    • Thanks for visiting. We love going to Melbourne, it is more European in it’s character than Sydney. The city itself is itself a conglomerate of modern buildings. But out in the suburbs is where the difference is. Each suburb has it’s own village like identity and the local football (the Victorian variety) team is the bonding element.

    • Thanks for coming over to my blog IT. Melbourne is proud being the cultural capital of Australia. Not far where we took the pictures is the famous cricket ground – the MCG šŸ™‚ They sure know how to play in Melbourne.

  3. Brings back beautiful memories for me Auntyuta, Flinders street station where I embarked on many an army trip, Young and Jacksons, always used to call in there just to see Chloe.
    Two beautiful grandaughters to top of your great pics.

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