Those magnificent men in their flying machines….

We went out today to meet some old friends, going back to when we came on the boat to Australia, 54 years ago. Today we went to the local airport were fine food can be had. I took a few snaps of the planes as they moved about the air field at Albion Park, NSW.


The Airfield Albion Park

The Airfield Albion Park

Then the “Red Baron” took to the air. Another dog fight?


Two yellow Double Deckers took up the chase.


Another plane is getting ready.


To no avail, the Red Baron returns unscathed.


Relentlessly, he is taking off again, for another mission.


While the “Red Baron” flew his missions that sparked our memory a modern chopper took some tourists on a joyflight inspecting the Sea Cliff Bridge at Coalcliff, NSW.


After all this plane spotting we were a bit peckish and went for a well earned lunch. Where else but in the Aviator Lounge πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “Those magnificent men in their flying machines….

  1. Great story! I love it. And I enjoyed the lunch and the company of old friends. Good choice to dine in the Aviator Lounge! And all these flying machines were quite spectacular. I’m going to reblog this because it’s such a great story.

  2. Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:
    Berlioz aka Peter wrote this story about our outing today. I reblog it here because I think a lot of the bloggers who know me would love to have a look at it.

  3. Excellent post! Ten years ago, two years before his uncle’s death, my husband took him to an air show at Peterson Air Base in Colorado. As a birthday present, the nieces and nephews gave him a ride in a restored WWII fighter. He was thrilled!

  4. Thanks for visiting. I can believe that. There is something nostalgic about those old planes, even so today’s models might only designed to look like old-timers.Our museum here has the only, still flying, Super-Constellation.

    • Thanks for commenting. Indeed it was good to watch the activities on the tarmac. There were even more planes than I took pictures off. And you are right we enjoyed the lunch too. We were with friends we know for a long time.

  5. Now I know not to miss Albion Park airport next time. I remember my mother’s sister taking us to Schiphol (near Amsterdam) airport perhaps sixty years ago or so. You could just wait along the highway and watch the planes taking off a few hundred meters away…
    Nice to know you can have lunch there too.

    • Thanks for looking in. The Albion Park Airport is not a bad spot for an outing. There is an Aircraft Museum too, where there is the only still flying Super Constellation and a Catalina from WW II. If you Google Albion Park Airport you find lots of links and a picture of the beautiful Super Constellation “Connie”.

      Last year we flew to Europe with KLM via Schiphol and on the way back we were short of time making our connection to Sydney. The friendly staff of KLM organised an electric cart that transported us through the huge airport from one gate to another which was “miles away” for us old people. We found it hilarious and we were thankful.

      By the way, my name is Peter.

    • Indeed they are. Thank you for looking in. I’m aware and thankful that I’m part of a life style where the struggle for life has been reduced.

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