The Illawarra – an Update

Today we had to go to Shellharbour City.

On the way back we stopped on the shore of beautiful Lake Illawarra.


It is a quiet lake and motor and speed boats don’t disturb the tranquillity. It was not always like that. There used to be speed boat races on Sundays, of all days! Today you might see a rowing boat a small sailing boat with a lonely angler. Professional fishers are banned now.


Where we stopped there are barbecue facilities and a playground for the children.



Everywhere one can find native shrubs and trees.



A Paper Bark Tree

A Paper Bark Tree

One can not stay at a place for ever even if it is beautiful.We can not stop the moment – it would be the end. We had to say ‘Good Bye’ as we turned to have a last look.



8 thoughts on “The Illawarra – an Update

  1. There’s a track near the lake where you used to do a lot of running and bike riding when we lived in this area. It was good to stop there today. It did bring back memories. I like all the photos! The water looks very calm and beautiful.

    • It is like that here. When I see pictures of your country there are always heaps of people and so often they smile and laugh into the cameras. Still we have our own complains, I call them “First World” complaints and are not really worth thinking about.

  2. You wouldn’t believe it but I saw a sea turtle off this jetty at Boonerah Point this morning. Apparently the lake is in very good shape and that means they are coming in from the sea. Really beautiful today. Cheers Sue

    • Hi Sue, thanks for visiting. I believe you! I would have been thrilled to see that. I hope the Black Swans will return too. Fifty years ago there were thousands of them on the lake.

      What made you check me out, the tag “Illawarra”? You picked the spot where we were, Boonerah Point

      We live in a beautiful part of the country, don’t we?

      Cheers from me too, Peter

      • I think I put in Lake Illawarra, I often check out local blogs but it was just a coincidence I was there this morning. It is beautiful I often paint there.

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