Lately I have gathered more readers from around the world.

How encouraging!

The followers are as varied as the countries and the cultures they come from. There are travellers and “stay-at-home” mums, professionals and writers. Some declare in all humility, that they are just average people.

I think we all have one thing in common. We are searching for the “Truth”. We are looking far and wide to see a glimmer of the “Truth”. The internet – the eWorld – is the telescope through which we pierce through the fog of ignorance, that surrounds us.

The “Truth”  really is  a big puzzle of enormous, unimaginable size. But we are trying and perhaps by catching a glimmer of tiny shards of reflections, coming off other minds, we might be able to find another piece of the eternal puzzle.

But it is also a requirement to have an open mind. It is the fertile ground in which the “Truth” can and will grow – if ever so slowly. But it will grow out of us, where it always was and is.

We are heading for the Light

We are heading for the Light, it is beckoning !


6 thoughts on “Inspiration

    • They are both autumn pictures from last year’s trip to Germany. The one on top, with the little pond was taken in the middle of Berlin’s Tiergarten (hunting park). The one at the end was taken in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern about 135 km north of Berlin. I took it while on a run in the forest. It was magic as the sun shone through the trees. Only a few 100 meter on I encountered a wild boar. But he ran into the shrubs.

    • It is shaped by its people. There is very little unspoilt wilderness, By your or our standards it is a small country, densely populated and highly organised. For outsiders it seems oppressive, but Germans think nothing to submit to order. They think only within order people can have freedom.This seems to be a paradox. But think of it, if the trains run on time you can choose to go somewhere when it suits you and in comfort. Infrastructure is first class. It can be stressful to live there and we have chosen a country where people are more laid back. Here they say, “Near enough is good enough!” This is not good enough for “real” Germans.

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