Nan Tien Temple revisited 2013

Here in the Illawara, not far from Dapto, where we live, there is a beautiful Buddhist Temple. It is on a small hill overlocking the plain towards the escarpment.

Last year I wrote a post for my German block about it. Today I will post something on this blog.

We always like going there as we find it very peaceful there. The people, mostly worshippers, are not the hectic tourists. The pagoda greets the visitor .


From up there one has a beautiful view of Mount Kembla and the escarpment.


We had beautiful sunshine today and therefore many people from Sydney were making the trip down the highway. Some go to the temple proper some relaxing in the well kept gardens and enjoying the little Buddha figures, spread all over the gardens, doing their Tai Chi.


Walking along the path we found a sitting Buddha who looked at us with slight amusement.


We walked slowly up the hill and arrived at he Gratitude Bell. It is to show gratitude to your parents.


On the next picture you can see Uta banging away in gratitude to her parents no doubt.


Still one can enjoy the view from up there and show gratitude to our departed parents. I’m sure they would have enjoyed being there too.


From up there we walked to the temple where so many people had arrived. Inside people worshipped. We were not able to take any pictures there but from this scan of a post card you can see what we were looking at.


Still, outside there are beautiful vistas to enjoy.



Our last impression of the temple and its surrounds was the perfect axis from the pagoda to Mount Kembla. I’m sure our Karma will be positively effected by our visit to the Nan Tien Temple today.


Many more pictures of the temple and its gardens you find here


8 thoughts on “Nan Tien Temple revisited 2013

  1. Hi, Peter aka Berlioz!
    I liked this blog of yours so much I just copied it and published it under “auntyuta”. I am so happy that we took the chance yesterday to pay Nan Tien Temple another visit. The weather was just perfect for an outing like this, wasn’t it? Too beautiful to stay at home all day.
    Thanks for publishing all these amazing pictures!
    Cheerio, Uta.

    • Thanks Aunty Uta,. Yes it was a beautiful day. Almost Spring ! The NAN TIEN temple is always worth a visit. It is good for the mind as it shows us there is another way.We went there because of a feeling of non-attachment. Perhaps we are attracted because we feel the Four Noble Truths are indeed true.

  2. I think this is a great place & a way to get a way from so much of a hectic life like mine. I have been in & out of places & never get any place to actually settle down. I would give my life a different life being in a place where no one thinks there is too much going on like in the U.S. There is such a big thing of killing & destroying here in America that I would move to find a place where everything seems more peaceful wherever it is to be. I cannot find a place here that is worth going to or getting along with anybody either. That place there you describe looks so peaceful & happy than most places I’ve seen. Have a great day & hope to see you on my blog soon!

    • Dear Rodney, thanks for your comment. But it makes me sad that you seem to suffer and you are desperate for a new environment.

      I can understand your anguish you experience in the USA. So much bad has happened there lately. We, my wife and I, are really happy that we did not migrate to the US so many years ago.

      Even your President is powerless against the forces of nature and the bad that some people create.

      I follow a very good blog in the US. You might be interested in what this man has to say.

      Even here in Australia not all is kosher, but it is lot easier to find a life than in so many other countries.. Natural disasters happen here too, And, one escape from the worst of 21st Century problems. The discussion about climate change is raging here too. But so far nobody has taken a gun and shot someone because of some ideological reasons.

  3. Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:
    I just reblogged a post by Pethan about Nan Tien Temple. I want to reblog now also this post by Berlioz to show some more of these beautiful pictures of the temple and surrounding gardens.

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