Feel like Bill Gates

Betty and Jack are watching the news on TV. Gina Rinehart, a rich Australian mining  tycoon, is being interviewed and pleads for a lower wage structure in the country.

She says: In Africa people earn $ 2 a day and we live in a competitive economic environment – it means, we can’t effort those excessive wage claims of an out of control union any more. Plus, the government thinks the mining industry is an ATM they can extract money from.

Jack becomes upset, grabs the remote from the coffee table in front of him and hits the “Mute” button.

Jack: Outrageous ! I wonder how it feels to be a multi-billionaire, like this woman with the big hat.

Betty(smiles at him):You don’t have to wonder at all. You can have this feeling right now.

Jack: How can that be? I’m an old age pensioner and have only a couple of quids in my bank account.

Betty: You remember Bill Gates on Q and A (Australian panel show) the other night?

Jack: Yes, yes, but I fell a sleep and did not hear much. What was he saying?

Betty: It was quiet interesting, especially when he was talking about the washing-up.

Jack: The washing up? I think “Gatesy” has other things to worry about. They have all modern cons in their home. Wasn’t he earlier saying robots will do all the work for us in the future?

Betty: No, no. He told a questioner that he does the washing-up in the evening before they go to bed. His wife likes it this way.

Jack (chuckles): I bet she likes that! Gives her more time to play with her jewellery, I would say.

Betty: Jack, you have no idea. It turns women on when their partners do housework.

Jack: Are you having a go at me?

Betty: No, Darling! All I’m saying is, you do the dinner dishes now and I’ll get ready for bed and if you don’t take too long we’ll have a nice cuddle (she gives him a wink and a mischievous smile). I promise you, you will feel just like Bill Gates – no billions required.

They get up and walk through different doors..


6 thoughts on “Feel like Bill Gates

  1. Very funny ‘Jack’.
    I am with Bill Gates and do the washing up mainly, find it relaxing and even do it without any ‘wink wink’ or ‘nudge nudge’. The dishwasher is sadly neglected.
    My H makes our house always look wonderful and no matter where I look or at what angle I view our living quarters, always a pleasure and haven of serenity and beauty.
    What about vacuuming Jack? Who is the master over that bit of equipment?

  2. I am happy to report, dear Gerard, that Peter aka Berlioz just showed his mastery with the vacuum cleaner again! I think he’s even better than ‘Jack” as far as housework is concerned. Grateful ‘Aunty’ Uta.

  3. just loved it! its true, women do love it when men share their household chores- they are so damn boring! and if you are eager to do something boring for someone that means you truly care 🙂

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