The Race to the Bottom of the Pit

There are two problems on my mind which bother me very much. Their outcomes  are not clear.

Firstly, Egypt.

The situation there is out of control. People die by the hundreds in clashes between the Muslim Brothers and the military. As Egypt sinks deeper into chaos we, here in Australia, can expect  more asylum seekers arriving at our shores, even from that unfortunate country.

And here I’m at the other problem that bothers me a lot.

Our two major parties, in Australia, are racing to the bottom of a pit where a “final solution” is waiting.  It was absolutely disgusting seeing the “defender of our shores”, Tony Abbott, leaning, like the great Führer of the past, together with Campbell Newman, and pouring  over the map of Queensland in search for the “second front” (Abbott’s words).

Two “Black Fellas” from Somalia had entered our fine country “illegally” coming via Papua-New-Guinea. You could see on their faces how serious and dangerous the situation has become under the Rudd Government who, they say, has lost control of our borders.

What we have lost is our senses and our humanity. People flee their home countries because life there had become intolerable. They all have heard of the so called “best country” of the world where people sing that they want to share the bounty of their land with all comers. What they haven’t heard is, that this country is run by heartless people.

But, they are seemingly not cruel enough for the people and  so this government of heartless people will be replaced soon by a group of people who are even crueller than the present lot.

Australia will become the only country in the world  which does not want to accept any asylum seekers. Any person who arrives on our border and asks for asylum will be sent to  Manus Island or to the “quite pleasant” island of Nauru. Nauru only exists, because some sea birds decided to “shit” ( sorry the language, but I’m angry) on a rock in the ocean. It is that pleasant!  Perhaps we should send our retired politicians there.

We actually need people here in Australia and we have an active immigration program. It can’t be the extra people that come this way  from over the water. It must be something else?  Why we make such a fuss? The asylum seekers are made into a political foot ball to win seats in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. That is where the xenophobic people live and where the swinging seats are.

Has anybody noticed that refugees are mainly from countries where the Western nations have interfered? In the past when people tried to flee from Communist countries we were willing to help and take the refugees. Not any more. At one stage, when the demand to “let the people go” became too much for the Chinese they said, they would allow 25 million people to leave the country. That shut the West up for good.

In three weeks time I have to go to my local polling booth to vote.  I was always sure whom to vote for – not any more. The Labor Party (socialist, my foot) has gone so far to the Right that the Liberals (liberal, my foot) are really hitting the wall behind which there is only fascist territory. There will be forty parties vying for my vote, mostly are crack pot parties and I now think the two main parties are crackers too.


6 thoughts on “The Race to the Bottom of the Pit

  1. I like the way you express your feelings and your concerns about the present situation. I reckon it’s good that you can write about it. It might help you if your writing leads to finding some similarly concerned souls. Not that I anticipate that in the short term very much is going to change.
    Changes you may be hoping for don’t usually come overnight.
    But I reckon it’s good to be aware about what is going on.

  2. Another good article that I missed by not checking your blog. I pressed ‘following’ but don’t get the email alert. Word-press is a mystery for me as well.
    I think that Australia has lost its humanity and I find it astounding how deep we have sunk. Even so, I’ll vote Labor as a better option to the Liberals. We don’t have a multi party system and to boot are lumbered with the adversarial Westminster System which just mostly concentrates on being adversarial instead of working together in Governing this lovely country.
    I hope that next week the challenge of the PNG option will be acted upon and thrown out of the high Court.
    Thanks Berlioz and I will just check your blog more often.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your comment. It is nice to learn there are like minded people around.

      I have the same problem with your blog. I’m not being alerted. I must try again.

    • Thank you Baldeep Kaur for visiting my blog. I have been discussing the very same concern with a lady blogger in India. The candidate promises anything to get the vote and after they consort only with the rich.

      • Unfortunately, this is true for each and every country now. I wish and hope things change in future.

        I like your writing style. Please do visit my blog and share your thoughts as well.

        Stay connected!

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