A human life is an exception in the big scheme of things.

It is a soap bubble of consciousness in the ocean of eternity.

Some bubbles shimmer more than others. Some bubbles rise to be seen, some fall  to the ground and burst.

It  depends very much on what we do with our lives. If we have talents we can bring them to blossom.  Creative people are like that. They can “see” certain aspects of the world and make them “experienceable” to others.

A sculpturer looks at a block of lime stone and sees that  it contains the likeness of a goddess.

A composer hears, standing at the shore of an ocean,  that moment in eternity and can recreate it for an audience  in a concert hall.  And if he unites his creativity with the voice of a soprano we will be able to experience the pain of a  love lost.

The painter, when standing before the empty canvass with his brush at the ready, knows what moment in reality, or in his romantic mind, he wants to paint.

An instrument maker can make an instrument which makes a sound that has never been heard before, but nevertheless has been waiting since creation to come out.

So, creation has not begun with the Big Bang. It was contained in the Singularity the scientists are talking about and it is continuing into the future.

But for the moment, we are the bubbles of the present time. Others have been before us and others will follow us. What unites us all is not only the DNA but also the consciousness then and now.


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