Sunday morning breakfast time.

Betty and Jack were sitting at the table having their breakfast. They liked this time of the week and especially this time of the day. Their table is by the windows and from where they sit they can see the trees encroaching, Triffid like, on to their block of land.

Green is everywhere and birds can be seen flying through the greenery. Sometimes a Noisy Miner comes to the window and looks under the eaves for a tasty spider. From the radio could be heard the beautiful sound of Mozart’s flute concert. Perhaps it was the best of all possible worlds.

Betty cracked her soft boiled egg and announced it the best soft boiled egg of all possible soft boiled eggs. Jack, not completely happy with the world as it was, looked, of all things, into the TV guide for the night’s program.

“Listen to this,” he tried to get Betty’s attention, “TV 10 shows a movie tonight called ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ “.

“So what?’, asked Betty.

“It is about a spaceship arriving in Arizona in 1873 and some cowboys and natives are the only ones to fight the aliens.”

“Our Aborigines had the same problem with us, aliens from Europe, but were not able to fight us off,” said Betty, “we are still here and propagating like monsters from another planet.”

“I ask myself,” said Jack ignoring Betty’s sarcasm, “whether this is a sci-fi drama or a comedy. It said action!”

“I will not watch such nonsense, “ said Betty as she dipped strips of toast into the still liquid egg yolk.

“But it makes me think….,”

“Does it?” said Betty.

“…what really would have happened if Aliens had arrived in earlier days. We ever only assume that Aliens come now or in the future. But it is possible they came at an earlier time.”

“They would have left straight away when they saw how stupid we humans were,” said Betty.

“They could have inspired us and kicked of the Renaissance or the Enlightenment.”mused Jack.

“Or dropped that apple on Newton!” suggested Betty. “Sure, they must have known more about gravity then us, as they are light years ahead of us.”

“You are not taking it seriously,” said Jack and continued, “Perhaps I could write a science fiction story about it, combine it with a historical event like…. when a king or president had disappeared for a period of time. The Aliens could have kidnapped him and tried to influence him.”

“I think,” Betty stopped him, “something has influenced you my Darling and not for the better.”

“What do you mean? Not for the better?”

“Well, you see something in the paper and go off on a tangent. I would say, eat your egg and toast before it gets cold! The Aliens can wait a bit longer, they had a long trip through outer space and won’t mind an extra minute or two.”

Jack finished his breakfast and when they were clearing the table he suggested they could go for a Sunday drive.

“Now you are talking,” said Betty. She liked getting out of the house on a beautiful sunny day. They could sit at the shore of the ocean and have an ice cream.

Later when they walked through the bush Jack discovered something that looked suspiciously like some strange message on a rock.


He called Betty and said to her, “Look here, it seems the Aliens left a message for us.”

Betty walked up to him, had a good look and said, “Here we go again.!”


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