Australian Democracy 2013

We had an election

fools voted to change the government.

They succeeded as they could.

The new PM went to another country

to buy some boats and stop the rest

from arriving on our shores.

Women knock on doors, want to get in.

PM is sorry but thinks they have no merit.

Blokes in blue ties are running the show.

The climate stopped changing on the PM’s command.

Sciences will go back into the box

where they were before the enlightenment.

What can we, the non-fools, do?

We have to wait for three years

and hope that enough fools feel

they have been fooled enough

and they will help vote

this foolish government out again !


3 thoughts on “Australian Democracy 2013

    • Italy just had a tragedy much bigger than what we experience here. They declared a National Mourning. What do we do? Declare a border emergency. Do they have any idea what that means? Our country is so much bigger and we feel like we are being invaded? Abbott and his people are mad to think like that.

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