A Conundrum


   When we think, we have to make a decision, we assume we take reasonable care and weigh up all sorts of consequences and possibilities. We weigh up the pros and cons and when we have made the decision, we think it was the best we could come up with.  We expect, this way  we will avoid too much stress, money and time and we will do the best according to the circumstances.  

    Now consider you have a natural urge to look  for a restroom or toilet. You are in unfamiliar surroundings and it takes you a while to locate the necessary facility. All the  while your urge becomes more urgent by the minute, especially after having had some beautiful beer with your lunch. The bladder becomes painful and the pain is spreading to the kidneys. After looking for a sign for what seems to be hours, and you could not ask the locals as you don’t speak their lingo, you finally come to a sign that promises you,  to show you  the way to the relief you are so desperately craving. And then you see this.



The offending sign

The offending sign

    I don’t know about you, but I can’t think straight when I’m looking for a WC.  In that case, a long time ago, the sign even offered me two WCs. But how do you decide? How do you use logic? What would Socrates have done? Where do you go from here, right or left?

    Wouldn’t you expect that the decision making process comes to a screeching halt? A real conundrum!

    I think this episode tells us, that we sometimes need more than pure logic to make a decision. What about the “gut feeling” we often talk about? Perhaps sometimes we have to stop thinking and hand over to our feelings or our instincts.

Next time you have made a decision  observe yourself and find out whether your decision was based on logic and  facts or some other criteria  crept in.












2 thoughts on “A Conundrum

  1. In cases of toilet needs, one just hopes for the best. I always reconnoitre the availability of public toilets and give it priority above knowing Aldi store or Vinnies.
    It is steeped in a primal urge to survive and until people will revert to original primitive times and just squat down willy dilly anywhere, totally unabashed and without pangs of embarrassments I feel we ought to concentrate on getting toilets always within a hundred metres or so.

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