The Predator

Only a few days ago Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in an US drone strike, members of the organisation say. He and four others were killed by the same attack. I’m against those drone attacks as the selected target is being killed without a fair trial and often innocent bystanders are being killed at the same time. People often say terrorists can be killed outside the law, as they are especially dangerous. If we accept this argument we are lowering ourself onto the same level. In my story I want to show the effect the drone attacks have on the people who direct and control the drones.

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6 thoughts on “The Predator

  1. Drones are potentially dangerous to all. I can envision a future scenario in which the technology becomes so simplified that people of malice could use them to kill people in parks, near beaches, rivers, etc. Drones could be the first step in driving humanity back to the caves, and could change our concept of freedom.

    • Yours is a very pessimistic view, but not unrealistic. Already now people are able to build those planes themselves. They are being used for nature and industrial photography. It won’t be long and criminals will use them. I’m afraid, like you, anything is possible.

      • Drones are now also used by animal protection organisations to show cruelty and mistreatment. However, the government is trying to outlaw the use of them. But, as for spying in the sky by the US’ satellites, all is forgiven then, that is not being looked at.

  2. I too am absolutely against drone attacks, after all, after all these thorough snooping done on countries by other countries why do they use drones? they can simply send shooters to kill a terrorist if they are that desperate to kill a terrorist.

    Drone attacks mostly kill innocent people.

    • “Drone attacks mostly kill innocent people.” And they call it collateral damage. Pakistan is directly affected by those drone attacks and I’m afraid they could lead to a dangerous confrontation.

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