Armistice Day 2013

It’s ninety-five years

to the day

since a hush

fell over the Western Front.

Weapons fell silent

as had  before

so many men.

The battle was over

had anyone won?

At first, only the wind

could be heard

on Flanders’

blood drenched land.

Then, up went the cry

 from both sides,

“No more wars — never again!”

Soldiers jumped

out of

their trenches .

But their joy 

became subdued

as they left

their fallen behind,

kameraden and diggers alike. 

Yes, home for Christmas

but four bloody years

too bloody late !

And they had no idea,

they’d be back

to do it all over

again !



4 thoughts on “Armistice Day 2013

    • Something doesn’t works right in their brains. Sometimes they just want to be winners. Of course if you have an aggressor other men have reasons to strike back and defend. Perhaps it is just the nature of some and the rest follows.

      • i still remember how furious my elder brother used to be when i used to bluntly tell him i play to enjoy the game not win. some people think that winning is something like eating, drinking water or breathing- essential part of life. they really dont have brain.

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