In Limbo

My friends, it has been a while since I published something. I actually work on a short story about a soldier of the Red Army at the end of WWII.

The story itself had a difficult gestation. It was originally written in English years ago. Then I rewrote it in German and published it on my German blog. After that I lost the English version. So, I decided to rewrite once again. I know, I’m no literary genius but my hope is, that my writing might be interesting enough for others to read, because it contains some of my own experiences.

I had already the second draft and thought, nearly ready to go. Just show it to my lovely, learned daughter Caroline and as we say in Australia, Bob’s your uncle”.

She had come to visit us in her break from Uni and she offered to have a look. O boy, did she use the red pencil. I was lucky she left a comma in the middle and a full stop at the end. Poor old Ivan has to do battle a bit longer.

I intended to have another look after Caroline had left. On the very next  day we went to a beautiful Indian lunch together.  When we came back home we found our home had been burgled.  And even some of Caroline’s stuff had been stolen. It has been nineteen years since our last break-in and we had become confidant that we would not have another burglary again, ever.What had been stolen can be replaced and will be.  What is more disturbing to our mind is the lost sense of security. In short we were out of our equilibrium. That was two weeks ago and slowly we are finding back to ourselves. Caroline stayed a few days longer and got in contact with the police and insurance for us.

Today we gave ourselves a two day break from reality; an escape from the everyday humdrum of existence. We drove the car about 30 km north and ended up at the same old spot we stayed three years ago. But we have the feeling we are hundred miles from care.




It is the time before the big Christmas rush. It is quiet for now, just what we need. On Monday we are to see Caroline for her birthday in Sydney.

I hope when get home again our home has not been broken-into  again. Forget the thought, Peter. For now we are looking at the blue Pacific Ocean.


Two people walking at the edge of a mighty ocean

Two people walking at the edge of a mighty ocean



5 thoughts on “In Limbo

    • Thanks Robert, we very much appreciate living here. Standing at the edge of the ocean one can start thinking. On one side we are looking at eternity and behind us is what some people call “civilisation”. From time to time; the sea gets angry too. That is when people are at their best; helping each other and cooperate. Long times of well-being is not good for our well-being. In German we have a saying, “when the donkey feels too good . he is going onto the (slippery) ice.”

      Robert Ardrey ( speaks of the “Amity – Enmity complex” that is so important in our lives.

  1. Yes, it is awful to have been broken into. A breach of ones privacy and the idea an unwanted person walked around in our home is what we felt the most.
    Hope you both have regained peace and security back again. We used to camp a lot at Bendalong, just past Sussex inlet for many years.

  2. it truly is awful to have been broken in. i will ditto to the words gerard has said. i am really sorry to hear that! please be careful in the future. days are not very good any more.

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