Are females taking over or are males slack?

We were at the Wollongong Beach today. It was fairly early, but the beach patrol was already on duty.

What was immediately apparent, to me at least, was that the life guards were all females, about fifteen or sixteen years old. . While I like too look at pretty girls I  was still wondering were where those famous, bronzed Australian lifesavers? Has there been a secret takeover by feminists? And another thing I noticed, not for the first time either, those life savers are being sponsored by the German Post office, namely by its subsidiary DHL  Are Australian companies not interested in sponsoring this noble service to the community? Too busy shovelling money or transforming tax concessions into profit. At least this foreign owned company is giving something back to the country in which it is doing business.


Female only life guards

Female only life guards

So, what is happening here? The German historian Theodore Mommsen wrote in his History of Rome that it is a sure sign of a civilisation going downhill when the males are being replaced by females in leading positions and they then are having more influence  on society.

After generations of domination the males are getting slack and shunt responsibilities. Instead of seeing them patrolling the beaches you see young Australian males on the evening news belting each other in a drunken stupor.

Female and male life guards

Female and male life guards

After a little while some males turned up and put up a sun shade. Still, a female was watching the swimmers. I hoped the bell would never ring. As this would signify a shark had been sighted and the swimmers should leave the water immediately.

A lonely rock fisher braving the wild surf

A lonely rock fisher braving the wild surf

We did not stay long at the beach as my wife wanted to go to the swimming pool.

The Wollongong Olympic Pool with the Wollongong Harbour in the background

The Wollongong Olympic Pool with the Wollongong Harbour in the background

After a good swim there, we went for a drive to Shellharbour.


9 thoughts on “Are females taking over or are males slack?

  1. men are slack but I am quite curious to know if a woman lifeguard will be as good as her more physically strong male counterpart (I dont care if feminists create a ruckus over this comment) when it comes to swimming back to safety with a person trying to drown her as he/she goes down under the water. then…

    • I suppose they are trained to do the job. Their abilities are a separate issue. I was asking a rhetorical question. When becomes the number of females in a group a “critical mass” so that males feel they have no place in the group any more. I think this problem arises any where in society. The female / male ratio is changing everywhere. I know I treading on sensible ground here but when does this ratio becomes an issue in sensible decision making.?

  2. I can’t wait to be rescued by a strong woman. 😉
    I have often thought of sky jumping out of a plane on the back of an expert skydiving woman wearing lace up army boots and flak jacket, goggles.
    Just dreaming!

  3. I am sure these girls do get very good training and on average would be quite strong. But the same goes for the guys, really. On average maybe the guys are still a tiny bit stronger?! That doesn’t mean that I am against training both guys and girls! They always seem to have a good time together doing their duty to keep our beaches safe. 🙂

    • I wasn’t questioning the ability of the girls only their prevalence. No wonder their is talk about the obsolescence of the male species. We are not needed any more. 😦

      • I reckon strong well trained swimmers of both sexes are needed! A strong well trained male swimmer has nothing to fear to be replaced by anyone. He needs other strong swimmers by his side. And that’s it. It is in this case unimportant whether they are male or female as long as they have the right qualities for the task at hand. 🙂

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