2014, here we come


This morning, after the night before, we, Aunty Uta and I, ventured out to welcome the  new year.  We had stayed up to watch the fireworks from Sydney on TV. It is always a spectacle with the harbour and the bridge as background. We muted the TV set as we did not like the music which was not coordinated with the fire works at all.

We went down to the Lake Illawarra. Young parents with their children and or their dogs were already up.  The Sun was a bit shy this morning as if it was not sure what the new year would bring.

Ra is hiding, unsure of the year he created. Shameful?

Ra is hiding, unsure of the year he created. Shameful?

If I can fantasies about gods, no wonder  people in ancient times or even before, invented gods. The myths were essential to explain life.  They invented gods for all occasions.  Echnaton (Amenhotep IV) in ancient Egypt abolished all those sub-gods and established the supremacy  of the Sun God.  Nobody likes messing with the traditional religions of the day.  And since Echnaton was married to the most beautiful woman of all history, Nefertiti, people thought this “witch” put him up to it. Beauty in woman of power can be a handicap. Today they like to speak about “faceless men”, unelected advisers wheeling enormous power with ministers.  Nefertiti’s face was such, that it is still talked about today.

Walkers and runners had no problem with a shy Sun. They were happy that the sun shone with a reduced effort. All sorts of birds were out looking for nourishment.

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie

A solitary Magpie was looking for a morsel, in form of an insect perhaps. She took no interest  in a flock of “grazing”  Corellas ripping out roots of grass. There is plenty of grass around and they won’t starve.

Flock of Corellas

Flock of Corellas


An Egret was staring into the water hoping a fish would swim right up to it’s beak. At the shore was a White-faced Heron looking for something more substantial, like a frog or a crab.

Egret and White-faced Heron.

Egret and White-faced Heron.

The White-faced Heron

The White-faced Heron

The people were rather friendly and all had a cheery “Hello” for us. It is like the scene in Goethe’s “Faust” were Faust exclaimed on his Easter walk, “Here is the people’s proper heaven; here high and low contented see! Here I am man – dare man to be !”

People feel they can do what they like and do not offend in what they do. We stop at a bench and  sit down for a moment of contemplation.

View across Koonawarra Bay

View across Koonawarra Bay

Aunty Uta likes taking pictures and soon is on her way.


In the end I just take a picture of flowers growing along the path and we are on our way home for a cup of tea and the fireworks from Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. Something we have to see.


We made it in time and celebrated the beginning of the new year for a second time.

The “same procedure as every year” 🙂




3 thoughts on “2014, here we come

  1. Yes, we saw “Silvester in Berlin – Welcome 2014”
    on Deutsche Welle TV at 10 in the morning Eastern Australian time. This was Midnight in Berlin, the beginning of the New Year for the Germans!

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