Where the Bloody Hell are we?

The recent events on the high sea, with border incursions by Australian Navy vessels, called assets, into Indonesian territory, led me to rethink as to what had happened at the outbreak of WW II on the 1. September 1939.

As we all know Adolf “the friend of all people” Hitler was deeply disturbed when he heard, that German tanks, oops, border control assets, were found out to have  inadvertently crossed into Polish territory. German units were only at the border training for the eventuality that Polish cavalry units could attack Germany.

The training exercise became  necessary as it was Germany’s intention to stop the flow of future asylum seeker boats that might come across the river Vistula.  While  Adolf „the Great“ bluntly reaffirmed  his policy it  immediately prompted a diplomatic response from Poland. 

The Führer said Germany was entitled to protect its borders and would continue to do so, irrespective of Polish concerns over territorial incursions and where they think their borders are.

The greatest warrior of all times, Hitler, has stressed that recent incursions by German assets inadvertently into Poland will not deter border protection measures in place already, because it is part of a long-term policy. The Polish government understands the German position.

Hitler stressed, that he had ordered German assets to go back to their German bases. But, he said, that was misconstrued by an unfriendly media and it was reported that he had  said, „Since 04:45 hour we are fighting back.“

Further, the „Bohemian Corporal“ Adolf Hitler announced that German tanks are now on the way to Warsaw to deliver an apology for the inadvertent border incursion.

With the apology will be given an assurance that German scientist are working on a German Positioning  System  (GPS) which will tell German assets where they are so, they would not accidentally end up in Moscow in a few more years.

As from now, the Führer said, he would not make any more announcements about border security operations, accidental or otherwise, as it would only confuse the enemy. The German Army High Command would give, from now on,  a written statement about the state of  border security every month. It must be understood that the border is in a constant flux depending on military operations.  Those arrangements  will be reviewed and the frequency of such announcements could be, if necessary,  further reduced.

After reviewing the historical evidence I came to the conclusion that the peace loving Führer stumbled into WW II because the army did not have accurate maps and they only stopped their march forward when they saw Moscow and realised they had made a mistake.

The Rest is history!


10 thoughts on “Where the Bloody Hell are we?

  1. Indonesia is said to respond to our navy’s incursion in their waters by sending in their own warships and re-positioning radar surveillance equipment.
    They are also investigating claims by some boat people who were returned by Australian navy into Indonesian waters, that they were abused by the Australian Navy personnel.
    Thank you Berlioz for your historical reminder of how things got terribly out of hand in the past.

    • The brainless policies of the Abbott Government have brought us to this situation. It is horrible to think that the government is implying that the navy is so incompetent, that they did not know where they were.

  2. Oh the poor Führer, so misunderstood all these years! So true that it’s the victors who write the history books. Now the Indonesians are just being touchy, aren’t they? (and I hide my cynical smirk by turning my back so I don’t see what happens next …) Thank you for drawing attention to the situation, Uta and Peter.

    • Australia really has lost it’s way. We have lost our moral compass and hide behind a slogan that we have to secure our borders. It is an outrage to claim our navy did not know where they were.

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