1. March – Autumn in NSW

Today is the First of March –  the beginning of autumn on the Southern hemisphere.

Normally we wouldn’t notice any difference from the summer of yesterday and the autumn of today. But when I opened the front door today this is what I saw.

Rain in the morning

Rain in the morning

As it is a rather slow rain the plants love it.


The Grevilleas are in full bloom and are producing nectar for the Rainbow Lorikeets.

In the backyard it is not much different and we won’t be out there for tea later in the day.


Aunty Uta was heading straight for her computer and she is busy hammering out another blog.




9 thoughts on “1. March – Autumn in NSW

  1. is it raining there? in autumn? well, that must be quite uncomfortable! the nature says otherwise in the pictures though…

    do those lorikeets visit your garden too?

    • It could be raining here any time, it is not seasonal.

      Yes, lorikeets come here nearly every day. I saw them yesterday.

      If it is a nice, steady rain it is welcome.

    • That is dead right, Gerard. Sometimes we get that feeling when we go up to the Highlands. We like the whiff of Europe up in your neck of the woods. On the way there, we stop at the Robertson pie shop and stare into the fog and warm our hands on a mug of tea while get stuck into a pie.

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  3. It rained in Karachi this morning too. Alas, I slept through it :/ I think this means winter is officially over for us.
    Nice pictures!

    • Thanks, Munira. We were lucky, in our region, this summer with not having the high temperatures as we expected. But in other places climate change made itself noticeable.

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