Cataract Operation

Last Tuesday I had a cataract operation in our local hospital. One of Aunty Uta’s followers got wind of it and wanted to know more about it. I wrote him an answer but after this I thought I could make it a post on my blog as well. Here it is:

The operation was on Tuesday. All went smoothly and I have no complains regarding the procedure. Next day when the dressing came off I thought I was in London experiencing the fog there. There was no vision in the eye. Luckily I have the other one. The doctor told me this sometimes happens when the patient has glaucoma (which I have). She gave me some tablets to bring the pressure down in the eye. Come back on Friday. Yesterday after two days of taking the tablets I started to see Daisy Duck. She is hanging on the wall in our toilet making sure people don’t misbehave. I call it now doing the “Daisy Test”. At first I could not see her at all with my brand new, reconditioned eye. But Yesterday afternoon she appeared, if ever so faint, out of the fog.

Last night I went to bed hoping for a further improvement. Bur in the morning it was all foggy again and Daisy wasn’t to been seen anywhere. Perhaps I used up my power of vision during my REM periods during sleep when I was able to see colourful flowers and bushes.

This morning it was back to my Ophthalmologist. She was happy with the progress I had made (did I ?) and she smiled with happiness as she reported, the pressure in my eye has gone done to “9″. Her smile and friendliness is so generous that I would forgive her losing my eyesight. But, she said, nothing to worry about, stop taking the tablets, increase one of the drops from one to six times a day and come back in five weeks – unless, of course, my eyesight has not improved by Tuesday; then she wants me back next week. On questioning her, she assured me, that the operation was a full success only my eye is a bit swollen and she is sure all will return to normal.

Meantime I run to to the toilet more often and check whether Daisy Duck is appearing out of the fog.


After having written the above and checking “Daisy Duck” again I noticed, it is not Daisy at all, but Donald’s Grandma herself. That tells you how old I am that I see an old Grandma as a spring chicken. Perhaps I thought Grandma Duck used to wear glasses and this image doesn’t.

In case you wonder what sort of toilet our toilet is, I can show you what you see when you sit on the throne.

Solitary Tree by Caspar David Friedrich

Solitary Tree by Caspar David Friedrich


9 thoughts on “Cataract Operation

  1. I left a comment on Uta’s post but will put it here as well.

    So Peter, I hope your eyesight will be better soon. I was also told that my eyesight was better since my vitrectomy operation back in October 2013. I am typing with one eye closed now. My eyesight is actually worse which is contradicting the specialist’s opinion.
    I also have to have cataracts removed but am sceptical about any further operations. I know that the specialists are doing operations (vitrectomy) at $ 3000.- ( $6000.- all together with one night in private hospital) a pop and thought it was reasonable for a days work., thirty minutes actually. However, he did about six of those operations in one day. Anaesthetics and supporting staff were paid extra on top of that. Am I a bit sceptical or should I just put trust in the profession and still believe that most do those operations out of a genuine care for patients together with a reasonable financial reward for years of study etc.?
    I do understand that with ageing things do break down but that the medical professions through the years have turned more and more towards being run as businesses with employing people with MA’s in order to maximise returns to medical conglomerates. I strongly felt people were run through the ophthalmologist medical centre like on a conveyer belt.

    It wasn’t always like that.

    Perhaps I am wrong and just an old cynic.

    • I, too, have not much trust in the medical profession. They using us only as cows they can milk. They always claim, that they make our lives more comfortable, but in fact they give us anguish.

      I’m not sure how the last episode of “improvement” will pan out. She seems to be optimistic. I bought myself an eye patch as it is better to look at what I’m doing than looking at things with one eye and a bit.

      I did not need to pay a penny as a public patient, but this is beside the point. Originally she wanted to do the other eye too but this is out of the question now.

    • Thanks for Good Wisches. Up to today I did not notice any improvement. Suddenly, while watching TV there was a sudden change for the netter. The Dr promissed it would get better, only slower. So I am more optimistic right now. Thanks for asking.

  2. that sounds like an interesting movie 🙂
    I did not knew a movie like that was made…
    You watch more hindi movies than I do it seems 🙂
    joke, is not it? I watch more english movies than hindi!

    • It was a very confronting movie. A modern, educated woman was suddenly put into a traditional family living in the wrong environment (Canada). A young man totally overwhelmed by responsibility. A nasty mother- in-law you would have recognised instantly. Very well acted by all.

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