Easter Morning

Easter Morning by Caspar David Friedrich, completed 1835

Easter Morning by Caspar David Friedrich, completed 1835

A few years back we went to an exhibition. of the Romantic Period,  in Canberra. Unknown to us there was among all those masterpieces this picture of Caspar David Friedrich.   After looking at  pictures in several rooms I turned towards a doorway to walk into the next room. And there was this amazing sight. While all the other pictures were hanging on the wall this was on a stand. It was so sudden and it hit me.   What was that? I had never seen it before and did not even know it existed.  I have a couple of books on C D Friedrich and it is not even mentioned in either of them. But being familiar with his paintings I said to myself it is very much like a painting by C D Friedrich. And it was !  At first I thought it is the sun shining through the early morning fog, but it is not. It is the full Moon ! As it should be,  around Easter.   The glow of the moon in the original picture is much more intensive. It hits you with such a power. I could not contain myself. It was the main exhibit of the exhibition. I have seen pictures of CDF  in Berlin and London but this one was extraordinary.  I ran around and started talking to other people visiting the exhibition.  Normally I would not do such  a thing.   What you see here  are the Three Marys walking to the tomb expected to contain Jesus.   Friedrich never did a stroke with his brush without some symbolism. Everything in his paintings is allegorical. The cemetery is a at the bottom of a downhill path just like life is. The three lonely women in a lifeless landscape in which only the cemetery is awaiting us. It is still before dawn and the new beginning. The trees have no foliage yet.   Sorry, I can’t tell you more about the picture.  C D Friedrich is one of my favourite painters. Perhaps it suits the melancholic streak in me.   Lately more people have joined to follow my blog and I’m grateful to you all. It is amazing that  you want to read what I have written.  For someone of my humble background it is quite an achievement.   I wish you all a Happy Easter, no matter what religion you belong to. It is the season of a new beginning, Springtime, in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here in Australia we have Autumn and the nights are getting chilly.   Below, you find an Australian landscape from the same period. It could be a contemporary picture.  Nothing has changed and there is no new beginning. I think it is timeless.

John Glover 'Cawood' on the Ouse River (Van Dieman's Land) 1838

John Glover ‘Cawood’ on the Ouse River (Van Dieman’s Land) 1838

23 thoughts on “Easter Morning

  1. Happy easter to you and your family.Now i think painting is the most challenging art form which requires a lot of imagination and creativity 🙂

  2. The painting has an almost Eastern magic about it. The head gear and shawls, the general feeling of peace and wonder made me think it was till I read your description.
    It was a reflection on Easter by Friedrich after all.

    • I’m here. To much is going on. One medical appointment is chasing another. I’m not ill just getting old and I need a bit of body maintenance. I’m in the process of writing a story about an old Ukrainian man.

  3. peter did you know alarna?i believe she is australian.by the way get well soon and we are all waiting for that ukranian story.

    • I don’t know any “alarna”. “My” Ukrainian is an old man who tries desperately to remember his past as a young man on the battle fields of Europe during WW II.

  4. peter i have put the above link on some of fellow blogging friends who writes great poems with stylish english words and all(hard to understand for a simple guy like me),but even if none of them responded i am sure you will.we have to look around and see things.being human is the greatest blogging i right 🙂

    And yes my friend like a priest here said you may be in australia and i am in kerala,but objects in this blogging mirror are closer than they appear right? 😆

  5. My dear friend in Kerala, thank you for the link. I went there and left a comment. Modern innovations make it possible for like minded and not so like minded to see things with a better understanding.

    Yes, Kerala and Australia are only a click away despite being thousands of miles apart by a great ocean.

  6. hey peter can i make a guess on your ukranian story.is it about an old man who now struggles in life,can’t even show some bravery who once was a real fighter?my heart says so.get well soon we are waiting 😆

  7. peter sorry to bother you.this question was giving me a headache.where was god when malasyian plane tragedy occured?ok fair enough why can’t he just help these guys find the wreckage.
    Anyway some things happened in my life which could have affected me badly,but i got out of it by trusting god.but now the doubts are trying to pierce my faith.These things will happen and people continue to die but there could be a god who has a fair explanation for everything is that the truth?.just tell me your idea of god.maybe that can help me restore my faith 😦

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