If Alone


If I can’t connect myself

to the unity of All,

I might disintegrate !

If I don’t disintegrate –

I have to exist with the burden

of not comprehending the All.

I will be all alone.

I will only exist within myself,

not knowing the truth about the All.

I’m not really alive.



Love and Time




Love can only blossom if lovers give time to each other and fertilise love with time.

They have to stop and look into each others eyes, make the moments, that exist between the chores of daily life, count and extent them to mini eternities.

Love only exist in those moments where time stands still for lovers; in the cracks between past and future.

When you come out of love you will notice that time has  really moved on  and you will not recognise the world any more. You have a lot of catching up to do.  It is similar to time travel and you get confused and disoriented. 

When in love one lives in a timeless bubble. The outside world becomes peripheral. Therefore communication with the other is concentrated and unimpeded. Nothing else matters.

I like to think of love as total communication, mental and physical, and when one finds a special person, one has that great feeling of togetherness. One discovers, that one is not alone on this Earth and both can form ‘the Us’, a new entity.

But remember, love is a beautiful coloured soap bubble, likely to burst any time if not kept afloat and can ultimately sink to the ground and touch reality.

Normality is a killer of time and love. If you allow the relentless, daily grind to dominate you, then both will eventually disappear.

Fill your time with love !


God is not playing Dice

Betty and Jack sit at a table and are playing Rummikub. Betty is winning game after game and Jack is getting restive.


Jack:        I don’t like this game any more. According to the law of averages I should win too, from time to time. And over time we should have the same number of wins.

Betty:     It doesn’t matter who wins, as long as we are having a good time.

Jack:     That’s the point. I haven’t got a GOOD time.

Betty:     Stop whining, Jack. It is a game of luck and skill.

Jack:     And you have ALL the skill and I have all the bad luck?

Betty:     It is your go, Jack. Don’t muck around and waste time !

Jack:     There is no justice in this world. Your God is mucking it all up.

Betty:     What do you mean, my God?

Jack:      Well, isn’t he running the show?

Betty:     How can you say this? You don’t even believe in Him.

Jack:     That’s the point, Betty. It is his big chance to show me he exists!

Betty:     Now you want favours from someone you don’t believe in?

Jack:     As I said, he could give me a sign if he so desires.

Betty:     I see now what you are on about. You really believe in God, but you want him to make the first move?

Jack:     His unwillingness to do me any favours is proof for me that he doesn’t exist.

Betty:     I can tell you right now, God does not do favours for atheists. By the way, I finished and I won!

Mother’s Day 2014



we wouldn’t be here without out them.  Not only give they birth to us, they make life bearable. If for any reason your mother’s love does not shine on you, you know you got the wrong end of the stick.


There is something sacred about motherhood, it is live giving and nurturing.


The pain of giving birth is nothing compared to the loss of a child. On this day spare a thought for the Nigerian mothers who have been robbed of their children. Those men who did this are not Islamist, they are criminals who have no respect for mothers and their children.



This is also true for those politicians who are sending soldiers to war. They have no respect for mothers either. Even today there are mothers who suffer because they are not there to comfort their sons and daughters.


So, be happy if you have a mother to be thankful for. Give her a hug and tell her,

“I love you, Mum!”


She has giving us her love all her  life even if in our selfishness we haven’t noticed. She was there for us and watched over us. Sometimes we have disappointed her but she still smiled at us.


I wish all mothers a “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” and for those suffering mothers in Nigeria a speedy return of their missing daughters.