Mother’s Day 2014



we wouldn’t be here without out them.  Not only give they birth to us, they make life bearable. If for any reason your mother’s love does not shine on you, you know you got the wrong end of the stick.


There is something sacred about motherhood, it is live giving and nurturing.


The pain of giving birth is nothing compared to the loss of a child. On this day spare a thought for the Nigerian mothers who have been robbed of their children. Those men who did this are not Islamist, they are criminals who have no respect for mothers and their children.



This is also true for those politicians who are sending soldiers to war. They have no respect for mothers either. Even today there are mothers who suffer because they are not there to comfort their sons and daughters.


So, be happy if you have a mother to be thankful for. Give her a hug and tell her,

“I love you, Mum!”


She has giving us her love all her  life even if in our selfishness we haven’t noticed. She was there for us and watched over us. Sometimes we have disappointed her but she still smiled at us.


I wish all mothers a “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” and for those suffering mothers in Nigeria a speedy return of their missing daughters.






6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2014

  1. Well said Berlioz.
    To all the mothers of this world. Enjoy the day. For fathers; I hope you all did the vacuuming, make sure you did the corners too and underneath wardrobes, cupboards etc. 😉

  2. Thanks for making me reminding the hardships faced by my mother to raise me.what is wrong with the nigerian guys?education is needed thing right?may be they don’t have it that might be the problem i think.

    • Liebe tikerscherk, in Abänderung unseres guten, alten Wilhelm Busch möchte ich sagen, “Mutter werden ist nicht schwer, Mutter sein dagegen sehr!”

      Mütter, so wie ihre Kinder, sind auch nur Produkte ihrer Umgebung. Sie müssen sich mit dem Gegebenen abfinden oder es überkommen.
      Es gelingt ihnen nicht immer, darum haben wir die Pflicht, Verständnis für sie aufzubringen, wenn es ihnen nicht ganz gelingt.

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