God is not playing Dice

Betty and Jack sit at a table and are playing Rummikub. Betty is winning game after game and Jack is getting restive.


Jack:        I don’t like this game any more. According to the law of averages I should win too, from time to time. And over time we should have the same number of wins.

Betty:     It doesn’t matter who wins, as long as we are having a good time.

Jack:     That’s the point. I haven’t got a GOOD time.

Betty:     Stop whining, Jack. It is a game of luck and skill.

Jack:     And you have ALL the skill and I have all the bad luck?

Betty:     It is your go, Jack. Don’t muck around and waste time !

Jack:     There is no justice in this world. Your God is mucking it all up.

Betty:     What do you mean, my God?

Jack:      Well, isn’t he running the show?

Betty:     How can you say this? You don’t even believe in Him.

Jack:     That’s the point, Betty. It is his big chance to show me he exists!

Betty:     Now you want favours from someone you don’t believe in?

Jack:     As I said, he could give me a sign if he so desires.

Betty:     I see now what you are on about. You really believe in God, but you want him to make the first move?

Jack:     His unwillingness to do me any favours is proof for me that he doesn’t exist.

Betty:     I can tell you right now, God does not do favours for atheists. By the way, I finished and I won!


15 thoughts on “God is not playing Dice

  1. well i always thought people consider god as someone who runs a giant shop where they can just ask anything and get it for free.i believe what you said is correct.god is a gentleman.he gave us free will and hence our action may yield both good and bad results accordingly right?

    • Thank you for commenting, sherinsk. I may have a different take on “Free Will”, but I agree with you that it is up to us to make a decision. and live by it.

      Some people have a terrible idea what God is. They think he or she should only do good onto them, making God their personal slave, like a Genie.

  2. Your story is an amusing take on Einstein’s favorite quote: “God does not play dice.” He used that quote to attack quantum theorists and their probabilities, and to affirm a deterministic view of the universe. But his God was that of Spinoza, not Betty’s personal God.

  3. Thanks for commenting., Robert. You are right about Einstein, of course. In my story it is Jack, the mocking atheist, who thinks people make God a personal one and Betty is telling him off on this basis.

    Isn’t the idea of a personal God coming from Judaism? Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount, rejects that idea and tells the people, God knows what we need and want and there is no need to ask for anything, not even winning at Rummikub.

  4. Your question of a personal God is complex. A god that takes cognizance of and intervenes in human affairs is common to many traditions. Since man was primarily an agronomist and dependent on weather for survival, it’s not surprising that he sought to appease a personal god. in early parts of the Old Testament, using God’s name in vain, or insulting Him, resulted in the death penalty, because an angry God threatened the whole community by destroying their crops. Indeed, Orthodox Jews, type out G_d, never daring to complete the word. The Hebrew God was both a personal and yet abstract deity. God was the unknowable, the unpronounceable.

  5. Well, God did not stop Abbott in his game of punish the innocents. He seems to do no favours to the believers either. It begs the question; Is he around anywhere and does it really matter?

  6. peter narendra modi is going to be prime minister.They (BJP) single handedly crossed the 272 seats required to form the government here in india.

    • I hope his election will bring India what they need and expect of him.

      India has a long way to go, in one way. In another way you seem to be happier than our lot here.

      • No man they are right?there has been some past issues connected with him.but i believe he can bring some good changes for india,but if his decisions are all in favour of hindus good lord india is under some serious trouble 😆

      • History is full of examples where a leader in which people invested high hopes failed because the hopes did not match the reality. If Modi is the right person so much so better. He must be able to balance all the need of all races and religions. A tall order.

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