Broadband is coming


The NBN (The National Broadband Network) is coming. It is knocking (literally) on our outside wall today and awaits entry to our PC. Work men are putting in the final touches.

It took forty-eight years since the invention of the fibre optic technology to reach us.

Manfred Börner, born 16. March 1929 in Saxony, was the inventor. Saxony, as part of East-Germany (GDR),  would not allow Börner to study there as they regarded his father, a Master-baker, as a capitalist. Young Manfred moved to West-Berlin and studied there at the FU.

In 1955 he started to work for the great Berlin company Telefunken. 

At their research facilities in Berlin and Ulm he invented, what we call now, the Fibre Optic data transmission technology.

The Rudd / Gillard Labor government in Australia set things in motion and promised Australia to build a modern, fast Fibre Optic Data network (NBN). The new Liberal Abbott government would love to stop and reverse it. They hate everything Labor did.

But politics aside, some of the work had started under Labor and it was not reversible. Now they are installing it at our premisses. Great Stuff 🙂

Work in progress

Work in progress


The finished outside box

The finished outside box

More has still do be done, but other people will come and than connect us to a new world.

Screenshot 2014-06-18 10.58.30

Modern life is almost unthinkable without Telefunken. We can thank them  for developing FM radio, the PAL colour system for TV and the fibre optic technology ( and thousands of other marbles of technology I have no idea of.

In the meantime I enjoy a piece of music on my FM radio and think about the connection between  my contemporary life here in Australia and Berlin.




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