Hold-up at the Art Precinct

We had reason to go to Wollongong, the largest city in the Illawarra, and on the way back to the car I saw a large picture on the wall. Street art, I presume.


Mythical figure?

Mythical figure?


I was intrigued. What was it? An animal or a tree trunk? There seemed to be flying birds and falling leafs.  Beside was a sign.



Ah, I was at the art precinct and they told me that I was under observation. I did nor know art was dangerous to warrant CCTV. As you can see on the sign it showed the way into a rather dark alley.  I felt I had to investigate a bit further. And found a triptych of horror.

Triptych of Horror

Triptych of Horror


I can not see any connection between the three pictures of the panel.

I went back to the street and to my surprise found three character with doubtful intentions.



My favourite

My favourite



After seeing those three, I wanted to get the hell out of there. I was lucky on the other side of the street Uta  was waiting for me near a safe sanctuary.


Anglican Church - Kembla Street

Anglican Church – Kembla Street


 ps. This blog is published also in German at pethan35.wordpress.com


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