Reflections of an old Man, living in a country at War

We Australians,  are at war. Our government, lead by a self-confessed liar (Don’t trust me, unless it is written down). He tells us, we are on a “humanitarian mission”. And he talks a lot.

We wouldn’t be there unless the US  tells us so. On our own we are not “humanitarian” enough to help those people in the Middle East who are in danger of being slaughtered.

When asked how long we’ll be there, they say, “For a long time,” or ,”when the Iraqi people can look after themselves”. I can tell you exactly how long we’ll be there. When the Americans have enough and cut and run, we will not stay one minute longer even for “humanitarian” reasons. President Obama said they want “to degrade and destroy” ISIS. I hope the US will “complete the mission”.

Our government is demonising  people of Islamic faith, so much so, that their women don’t dare going onto the street in fear of being harassed. They came up with the idea that women wearing a burqa are not allowed to sit in the public gallery of the parliament in Canberra. They will have to sit in a separate room with a glass window. Apparently the parliamentarians are afraid the ladies in question could do something  to endanger the lives of said parliamentarians. In this room normally  noisy children are kept so they cannot disturb the proceedings in the chamber. The Prime Minister calls the “burqa a “confronting  attire” ; but they want  to put children and those so clad ladies in one room. I hope the children are of sterner stuff than our PM is.

Never, ever has a burqa clad person been seen in  parliament. Any person that enters the public areas of the building is being checked out for any dangerous implements. But “No”,  more and more new laws and regulations are introduced to make daily life more inconvenient. The PM said, “We have to trade some freedoms, for more security.”

This new conflict in the Middle East will lead to realignments of old enemies and old friends. The Turks and the Kurds come to mind. The US has to re-evaluate its relationship with  Iran. Even the crisis in Ukraine is a bit on the  back burner, because Russia is needed to combat the ISIS menace.

Germany, who just celebrated its National Day, is still spooked by  WW II. Never again war, the slogan goes. But the world hasn’t stopped spinning and is spinning out of control fast. Germany has an army, but it is barely functioning. Their hardware is in disrepair and the defence minister is fighting for her own survival as a minister. When she asked for volunteers to fight Ebola in West-Africa she got 5000 ! In the Middle East they are sending weapons and equipment to the Kurds, but no “boots on the ground” as the saying goes. The Kurds are the only ones keeping up the fight and they are running out of ammunition.

Well, this war in Syria and Iraq, or “humanitarian” mission, will take its course. Young people from all over the world are flocking to join ISIS. And mothers can’t understand what has gone into their children. Why have they joined up? But soon they are  getting  a note from those people saying, “Congratulation! Your son is in Paradise now!”. This happened only recently to a German mother of an eighteen year old boy.

I went through WW II and have seen enough dead soldiers to last me a life time. Everyone was loved by a mother and they are still being dug up in the forest near Berlin, nearly seventy years after the event. Mankind has not learnt a thing. Today a right-wing journalist said, “Nobody is bombing Pakistan or Indonesia!” But he is wrong, because as we speak, American drones are killing people in Pakistan and making the population there more angry. No war has been declared. They are on a mission but it is not “humanitarian” either.


7 thoughts on “Reflections of an old Man, living in a country at War

    • Happy is not the word. Dark clouds appear in many places. We have no idea what governments and their agency are up to. They say the U.S. is involved in the demonstration in Hong Kong. But why would they look for a confrontation with China?

  1. the question is why will the rest of the world follow any other country blindly? Looking for a new ruler for the global community?

    You know if you look at human civilization of present time you will feel sorry to think how much money and organized criminal minded people (politicians and their other slaves fall in this category too) can achieve easily.

    The fishy thing about Iraq is sometimes I wonder how much of it is actually done by the terrorists and how much by paid troublemakers- you know, in India Hindu extremist groups were once caught (that was hushed up smoothly) exploding bombs and leaving messages in name of Muslim Groups?

    I really dont believe in “stories i get told” unless ofcourse the source is reliable. So this Iraq episode is really, really fishy.

    As for China i think USA and china both are equally power-hungry so let them fight with each other, why will the rest of the world entertain it or help any one? Actually they should group against both if they try to start a war!

    • It would be highly dangerous to the rest of the world if those two large countries engage in a war. You know the saying, “when two elephants are fighting the ants get trampled on.”

      The world would split into two camps and a catastrophe would result.

      • exactly. So it will be really good for the health of the rest of the world to unite with each other if they try something like that.

        what is this bloodthirsty tendency of human beings that keeps killing its own youth in brainless wars? I wonder if we make a chart of this which countries will top the list! Why dont their parents protest against slaughtering of their own kids in one war after another?

  2. Yes, that is how it goes. There must be genes well embedded that makes some people get drawn to wars. Once it takes hold, nothing will stop that, till untold deaths and mayhem runs its course.
    Each time there are wars both claim they are fighting for right and that the other is wrong.
    I don’t know the answer. Going for long walks helps.
    Good post Berlioz.

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