Is God Purpose or is Purpose God ?


I lived now for nearly eighty years, seemingly without purpose.

There must be a purpose in that !

There is still hope that I discover this purpose, because in the end, when the balance sheet of my life is ruled off, there should be a balance – or not?

Some people think,  “God is Love”. I don’t believe this. Love is only the grease that makes life bearable. The more love there is in our lives the less we squeal.

When we are born we scream like mad because of the rude awakening. That moment is our own expulsion from paradise.  We realise at that point, a priori, that we have been released into the world to find, not our purpose, but THE PURPOSE !


11 thoughts on “Is God Purpose or is Purpose God ?

  1. Long time right?sorry and the most valuable question of our life-What is its purpose right?we have to figure out it for ourselves i believe 🙂

  2. I do firmly believe that God is love and love is God. I think we all portray God in our own heart, with our own aspiration, dream and desires and most probably God will love that too 🙂

  3. I don’t really think that a God is needed to keep us straight. I believe we do have an inborn gene that wants us to do and make the best of it. I suppose at the end of our lives and with the final summing up of it all, we look at he ledger and if the good outweighs the bad, we can rest in peace.

  4. I think love is more than grease, it is the glue that binds us. I agree with Laura Huxley that almost all our problems are due to a lack of love and a misuse of energy. At birth, we are given a considerable amount of energy, and a limited amount of time to use it in. Energy is neutral; we can use it for the good or bad. Life is learning to develop this energy as it manifests itself in our particular gifts and to share them with others. The meaning of life is the living of one’s own particular journey. There is no summation. Life is not an arithmetic problem. The main thing is that each of us uses our gifts to make earth a better place.

    • “…problems are due to a lack of love and a misuse of energy”

      Thanks for commenting, Robert. My thoughts on love are to be understood to be written in stone.

      You say, “The main thing is that each of us uses our gifts to make earth a better place.”

      This depends very much on whether we are able to recognise “our gifts”. Our parents and educators play a big part in this. And I remember the blog you wrote about V.A. Sukhomlinsky the Ukrainian educator. He would have helped a lot of children to use their gifts.

      So much is influencing us during our lives and we try to cope with much. Using our “gifts” could help us to find the balance to do so.

  5. We are all hung up on purpose, I ponder this also. Why am I here? Maybe simply to propagate, contribute to the gene pool? I wonder if animals or other organisms ponder the meaning of life? Is it ego that makes us think we are special and are here for some big purpose? Little purpose maybe just as important, like a piece in a jigsaw 🙂
    Love is the grease – spread that stuff around 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting, Poli.V. Indeed little purpose can be gleamed as one observes life. Some are thinking the purpose is making money some, as you say, are “spreading that stuff”. I could imagine that some higher animals could be pondering the question. But we wouldn’t know. We are wondering because we are self-centred. But we are nothing more then a minuscule part in the present state of the universe. We are “a piece in a jigsaw”.

  6. If there is a god, I think it’s whatever it is that animates us – electricity, magnetism or spirit. That thing, whatever it is that leaves us when our bodies cease to move and be alive. Purpose hmmm good question. Life is a learning curve, maybe it’s just that?

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