4 thoughts on “Do you want a docket?

  1. Berlioz, you do make me smile with your careful calculations! I too am spending the money of the people! I like to think of it as the taxation I paid whilst working, that Mr. Morrison is thinking hard now of how to retrieve. So long as he doesn’t become PM, as that would lead to total disaster!!

  2. Yes, I too keep dockets. But above all try and see if I have been overcharged. If one is overcharged it is best not to point this out but go to the front desk and ask for the assistant to check the price. If you were overcharged you are entitled to get a refund AND keep the article for free. That is the policy!
    This is often the case with ‘specials’ whereby the computor still holds the old price. For the very wise and dilligent, it pays to go back and get the same item again but change cashiers not to make it too obvious.
    I did this some years ago with half kilo’s of salmon. I went four times and had 2 kilos of salmon free.

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