Life, today, makes no Sense

IMG_0718Nothing makes sense to me anymore. We have arrived at the Orwellian future, where one thing is said and the opposite is meant. We live in a country where the Prime Minister scares the wit out of us and proclaims he will protect us from the nasty terrorists. Fourteen women, so far this year, have been murdered by their deranged husbands or partners. None has been murdered by deranged terrorists, still the PM wants more control over our lives. He said we have to forgo a few of our freedoms to be safe. He wants to save all our mega-data for two years so he can one day go on a fishing expedition to find an enemy of the regime. All this is the way of a fascist.

I think our value based society, established as an outcome of the enlightenment, is in its terminal stage. The Enlightenment started about the same time as the industrial revolution. For a time, it looked as if we were getting a better society, but the capitalists won. They have more power than our democratically elected representatives. What then is democracy good for?

Our ministers sell their time to the captains of industry instead of working for us, as they promised under oath. A nice little earner on the side helps with the bills. In the meantime, they are planning to reduce the old age pension after 2017. to such a level, that the pensioners will not take part in the increases in the standard of living.

The freedoms we used to enjoy are but a distant memory. George W Bush used to say, “Our way if life is not negotiable!” But that was a lie or wasn’t it? Our freedom, our way of life, is eroded on a daily basis without any negotiation on our part. In Australia, we don’t even have a Bill of Rights. So, the new way of life is being forced upon us by governments who tell us they are democratic and liberal. It does not matter what the governing parties are being called. They seem to me doing the biddings for a secret establishment consisting of multi-national companies, secret services and media conglomerates. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the so-called victory of the Capitalist system “The end of History” was proclaimed. That was the naive outpouring of an intellectually challenged person celebrating this victory too much.

Guess what? History has not ended and we see on YouTube people are being beheaded, by people with black beards who make their own history. Our governments are not the least better, bombing other people and countries who do not believe in our way of life. The permanent war of “1984” is here.

The principle is if you don’t want to be my brother, I hit you on the head. Our own governments are running local and international protection rackets for the benefits of the Military and Industrial Complex! We cry “wolf” and supply the weapons to slay the wolf.

It is for our security, we are being told, that our air forces attack others. Aren’t those drone attacks beheadings by more technological means? And we wonder why they hate us. And when people run away from their hell on earth, we lock them up on islands in the middle of the ocean and pretend they are the terrorists. People say the refugees only come because they want to have a better life. Who doesn’t want to have a better life?

The statement, “We never had it so good,” by John Howard, probably was correct at the time. It seems that was a long time ago. We are now looking into an abyss and this view is supported by the government to get control over our lives.

Good luck and good night!