Our Being is not in Question

People are often astounded that they are alive and they assume, that it is an accident of fate, that they are here at all. They assume further, that they could have missed being alive. Too many coincidences are seemingly necessary to have us as an outcome.

But think of it and start dividing people into two categories:

Cat. A = All beings either have been alive, are alive or will be alive one day.

Cat. B = All beings either not have been alive, are not alive nor will they ever be alive.

One can easily see at once, that beings of Cat. B are not really possible (only as a theoretical assumption).

Therefore, all beings of Cat. A must be alive at one stage and every person ever being alive could not even contemplate the possibility of not being alive.

One can not escape from being alive.

Only this morning I learnt, that Muslims believe that all souls were created at the same time and are waiting to be placed into their allocated time of being. This comes very close to my argument. Is this a coincidence?

Every being is preordained and has to be, even to a particular point in time. I can not be me in another century. I could only be possible at the time I am alive now.

The Universe has reached the present stage in its evolution of causality. The cause of something had an effect on something else. The Big Bang was not a cause but an effect. Something, unknown to us, caused the Big Bang. What happened then, occupies the great minds of mankind. What was before the Big Bang is still a mystery to us.

It is assumed that we arrived at the world, as it is today through the interactions of random events, caused by tiny imperfections in the laws of nature.

This can ever be only a believe!

How can this be? Imperfections in the laws of nature? What is imperfect, is our understanding of the universal laws of nature.

We have a lot to learn.

I think our universe is more like the “clockwork” universe some philosophers were talking about. I know this challenges our idea of “free will”. Perhaps we should be more accepting instead of constantly interfering in nature. We are challenging nature. Nature has a knack for balancing things out to bring everything back on the track of evolution.

Pierre Simon Laplace said in his “A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities”:


“We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of the past and the cause of the future. An intellect which at any given moment knew all of the forces that animate nature and the mutual positions of the beings that compose it, if this intellect were vast enough to submit the data to analysis, could condense into a single formula the movement of the greatest bodies of the universe and that of the lightest 
atom; for such an intellect nothing could be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes.”



5 thoughts on “Our Being is not in Question

  1. Food for thought Berlioz. The only thing that makes sense to me is the morning coffee with a nice and lovely companion. I know that sounds a bit silly, but we have gone through a lot lately. Too much.

  2. Breakfast time is a good time to reflect. We talk a lot in the morning and think it is the best time. I can’t understand couples who claim they don’t talk anymore. Over a cup of coffee or tea, it is the best way to communicate. We love seeing the sun shining through the greenery in the morning and letting everything appear in the green and gold.

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