Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser was our Prime Minister from 1975 to 1983.

He  passed away suddenly (it is said, after a short illness) last Friday.

When he came to power after the dismissal of the Whitlam government I hated him.

Over the years, he changed very much and I came to admire him.

He and Whitlam became good friends and if they could become friends then, at least I, could accept him too.

In the article below Barry Jones, a former, very much  loved Labor minister, writes about Fraser and the change he went through.

Fraser pursued humanitarian issues right to his end. He  warned  Australia of being too close to the United States, as it could involve us in a confrontation  even war, with China.

He was still very active and it emerged that he was planning to start a new  political party with the objective of a more independent foreign policy and a more humane refugee program.

He was bitterly disappointed  in his party and resigned from it. He was against everything the Abbott government stands for.

It was quite comical how his former party colleagues praised him in parliament today. They  must see him as a traitor.

I see him as a person who became wiser with age.

RIP Malcolm


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