“Obviously we’re going through the cases where we do feel that there is a threat to our national security or our national interest, so we are doing that work,” Mr Dutton said on Thursday.
“Potentially hundreds of Australians could be stripped of their citizenship and then deported, without recourse to the courts as to the merits of their defence, once the Australian Parliament passes tough new counter-terrorism laws with the support of the opposition.”

Those two quotes are from an article in the “Sydney Morning Herald”


The news that come out of Canberra is frightening in its implications. Apparently, a Fascist government has quietly taken over. Nobody is safe from those Abbott followers. The brave cabinet ministers who opened their mouths have been blackened by a possible leak by Abbott and his acolytes.

And where is the Opposition, you may ask? Bill Shorten tells Abbott Labor  will do anything he wants for national security. Every day in parliament Abbott is wedging Shorten. The ALP is full of “shit”! You remember the good ship “Tampa”? The moment it appeared on our horizon it changed us forever. It gave the “Right Wingers” the excuse they always wanted.

Now ASIO is investigating 400 people. Soon they will widen their investigation to thousands and then tens of thousands. More and more resources will be put into the so-called “national security”. This will become paramount. One group after the other will come first under suspicion, then under investigation and then they will be deported.

Doctors and nurses are facing two years in jail for disclosing the  deplorable state of affairs in the concentration camps of Nauru and Manus Island.

The decent Australia we came to love disappears before our eyes.

Our society will be split between Team Australia and people who will have nothing to do with this doubtful label. And like the Nazis in Germany, the Liberals will invent a system of identification for non-team members.

Australia be warned this Liberal government is neither liberal nor will it want a society where different groups live peacefully side by side.  The terror threat is a red herring to control the population. Sure, there were some incidents by some criminal, delusional people, but they  can be handled by normal police investigations. No additional powers are necessary.


6 thoughts on “QUO VADIS, AUSTRALIA ?

  1. Yes, isn’t it amazing that Australia seems to take this latest threat lying down…
    We have to wait for the legislation to pass both houses. I don’t think it will. Surely not! This country used to be a bastion for freedom and tolerance, but look at us now!

  2. We see many comparable fascist “anti-terror” activities here in New Zealand. Fortunately it’s a bit harder to travel from Indonesia to New Zealand in the rickety wooden boats the traffickers use to smuggle immigrants.

    Are prime minister John Key announced about a week ago that the smugglers are “thinking” of building steel hulled boats – he used this as a justification to push more anti-terror legislation.

    • It seems, they are inventing reasons to justify new anti-terror legislation. The new bills appear the very next day something has been on the news.

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